• He is an atheist

    Yes , he is atheist . If he believes in Christianity , he does it for its socialist message , but not as a religion . He also does not seem to have any absolute values of right and wrong.

    That makes him an atheist because he does not actually believe in God or even right and wrong etc . He has nothing to fear expect the public opinion and power-dealers

  • President Obama is an Atheist

    Over the course of his political career, Barrack Obama has made a number of comments about secularism, church/state separation, religion, and the role of religion in the public square. Unfortunately, some of these comments have been contradictory - one time he'll say something which appears to support strict separation and secular government, then he'll turn around and say something which supports weak separation and weakened secularism. What does Barrack Obama really believe, and why?

  • President Obama could be an Atheist

    I think President Obama is as likely to be an atheist as he is anything else. He very rarely goes to church on Sundays and when he does go, it is only on occassional holidays such as Christmas or Easter. He might even be a Muslim but I certainly do not think he is a Christian.

  • Yes: Obama is an Atheist

    Obama would not define himself as an atheist, but as a Christian. But his true master is not the sacred or the divine. He serves money, militarism, and power. He is an egotist who talks out of both sides of his mouth, saying whatever will gain him the greatest advantage. His god is that of materialism, and it is a dead and hollow god that only brings death and suffering.

  • No, I do not think so.

    Obama is not an Atheist. He obviously has some belief, but I understand if he does not regularly share it publicly to his country. If he was an Atheist I think we would all know, and I think he has some other belief that he is keeping secret to avoid more backlash.

  • No He Isn't

    I do not believe President Obama is an atheist. I recall people talking about his religion but off the top of my head, I can't remember how he identifies and it really doesn't matter to me. I'm pretty sure he didn't fall into the category of Atheism, so that's not it.

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