• Economy is better

    As an older adult who is among tens of thousands discriminated against by corporate America in terms of job security I can only say things are better under Obama. I now have a job and health care. Our position in global economics and relations are better than they were under George bush

  • Despite Resistance from GOP

    Unemployment is lower, improvement in economy, war in Iraq ended, Osama Bin Laden killed, health care reform (maybe not going off as smoothly, but at least he did something about it). All this with GOP blocking him at every turn just to play their political games. He weeded through one helluva mess when we took office!

  • He has definitely been talked about

    I have seen continual bashing of the President on social media sites. We should stand behind our President and support him. It is a hard job, and he stepped up to be in that position. I admire him for this, and he is a wonderful husband and dad. An inspiration for our country.

  • Yes He Is

    I believe that people of the Untied States are not looking at the whole picture when they talk about President Obama. He has implemented a health care system for everyone in the United States based on families income, instead of there being just a flat rate for everyone. He has lowered the unemployment rate to somewhere in the lower seven percent range. When he took office he was handed a whirlwind of things that he had to deal with. The debt that was already there, the war in the Middle East, and I personally think he has conducted himself very well.

  • Yes, although he hasn't done what I'd hoped.

    President Obama is first of all a politician and that means they will never do most of what they promise to get elected or reelected so there is some disappointment there. However, he is being blocked at every turn and critiqued unfairly by so many Republicans that it would be unlikely that he could do much.

  • He Did Take Over A Mess

    I believe it is important to remember that Presidents don't start with a clean slate. When you consider the nature of the country when George Bush took over for his first term and compare it to what he left, I believe you see the culprit for a lot of the problems we are still dealing with. That's not to say that Obama hasn't made mistakes, because he clearly has, but you can't blame every single problem the country has on him alone.

  • Criticism in his position is fair.

    President Obama is not being unfairly criticized. A person in his role is always going to be pointed out for his mistakes and for not agreeing with other people's opinions on policy. I think he actually gets criticized less than other presidents in the past because he is so popular.

  • President Obama is not being unfairly criticized.

    No, President Obama is not being unfairly criticized. Although his critics can present extreme and unreasonable viewpoints at times, President Obama should be subject to as much scrutiny as any other public official. That is why the United States of America has in place a system of checks and balances, in addition to freedom of the press.

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