Do you think President Obama is making the right choices?

  • Yes indeed Dudu

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  • Many of his choices have backfired

    Obamacare backfired immensely both with the failing of the website and the rising of the premiums. How many stories have been told of people losing their coverage as a result? His $787 billion stimulus package in 2009 led to the creation of the Tea Party. He also has a history of not reacting quickly to national issues like the Fort Hood shooting and BP but responding rather quickly to the Clock Kid and Trayvon Martin which both promoted false narratives of racism. What has happened in the Middle East hasn't improved since he took over from Bush. Outside of killing Bin Laden (which even he can't really take credit), not much good has happened. He may be technologically savvy and easily marketable to a younger crowd, but he has made a lot of decisions that have really hurt people.

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PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-21T23:37:31.477
The only thug Obama did right was keeping abortion legal