• Yes, he should.

    Yes, I do believe that Obama should free Marc Emery. No one should be imprisoned simply for the sale of marijuana or seeds. It is a non violent crime and there are no victims. Everyone who has been imprisoned for marijuana related offenses whos case doesn't involve violence should be released.

  • What A Waste

    As an American I am highly displeased with my country imprisoning non-violent people who have broken non-sensical laws. Marc Emery is currently serving a sentence for selling cannabis seeds. My problem with this judgment is the fact that there is absolutely no victim what so ever. I believe he should be pardoned.

  • No. I do not believe President Obama should pardon Marc Emery.

    No. I do not believe President Obama should pardon Marc Emery, because Marc Emery is a criminal. American society is to lenient on white collar crime. If someone does a crime they need to serve their time. They shouldn't be let off the hook because they have a certain economical status.

  • Broke our laws

    No, I do not feel like the President should pardon this man at all. When he came into the United States, he knew that the sale of this substance was against our laws, but that did not slow him down at all, he went ahead and sold the drugs knowing.

  • Marc Emery broke the law and has no reason to be pardoned by President Obama.

    Although President Obama has recently stated that he does not think that marijuana is dangerous, the law is the law. The law was broken by Marc Emery when he sold marijuana seeds to Americans. He was convicted and sentenced. There is no need for Emery to be pardoned by President Obama. Emery should have worked more towards changing the existing laws rather than breaking them.

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