Do you think President Obama was out of line when he mentioned Art Degrees as being inferior to a skilled trade worker?

  • Obama is Inaccurate

    Both of my parents have Bachelor's Degrees in the Fine Arts - my mom is a home-maker and my Dad is the only person in the state with his job position - as a graphic designer for the state historical society. They have managed to put both me and my two older brothers through private school and have sent us all off to college, all while providing each of us everything we need and most everything that we want. Earning an Art Degree requires a great deal of skill, patience, and an extraordinary amount of time. Just because a person has an art degree doesn't mean that they aren't capable of doing anything but sit around and paint all day - I know plenty of people with BFAs who have great salaries and hold stable jobs. Having an art degree doesn't mean that your life is sentenced to art.

  • Yes, Obama was out of line.

    Art degrees take a certain amount of intellectualism in order to complete. We need creativity so that we may see ideas beyond what we already know and see the things that we can't by just rinsing and repeating the way we do things. Trade skills work for a certain type of person, but we need people who can think outside of the box so that we can progress as a species.

  • President Obama Mentioning Art Degrees

    I personally think that President Obama was out of line when he mentioned Art Degrees as being inferior to a skilled trade worker because Art Degrees is a degrees that is for artwork. I personally think that President Obama was out of line because any Degree has to be hard work.

  • Obama is wrong

    President Obama was wrong when he said art degrees are not as good as a skilled trade worker. He said this because he is trying to gain favor with the unions where the trade worker is. Everything Obama does is political and he makes the wrong decisions. An art degree can be very valuable.

  • Come on, seriously?

    Art belongs in museums and on some one's wall, nicely framed up. That's what art is for.

    However for the art to be in a museum. Some one has to build that museum. For that art to exist in the house, someone has to build that house. Hell...Some one has to build that school you would get your arts degree.

    Like it or not, when it comes to importance. Skilled job are and will always be important. However not many take it because they pay crap. So the question should be why is such an important field of job, so poorly paid?

  • No not at all

    I have a PhD in philosophy and I understand the inference. The idiot he wrote the apology to should have had her degree revoked for being such a fing idiot. It is just a fing fact some degrees a basically worthless in monetary terms. But people are stupid to think that just going to college is automatically going to make you rich either.

  • This is a joke, right?

    Are you kidding me? Just how is painting a picture going to fix anything in this country. Yes art degrees require a tremendous amount of talent, but in the scope of things, skilled WORKERS are what is going to put this country back on track, not artists, end of story.

  • He could Of Worded It Better

    See, even President Obama, who is a great speaker has trouble forming certain thoughts, when they are not prepared for him. I think most people with common sense know what he was trying to say. It just came out wrong. He should of stated, "we just need more people in fields like engineering and science because we have the arts degrees covered.

  • Not at all

    No, because an art degree, and a lifetime in art, is not something that is going to help out our country a whole lot, when you compare it to someone like a carpenter, who can go around and build houses for people to live in, not just paint something to look at.

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