• It all depends

    Only certain individuals would be given the chance to serve. Depends really on a case by case basis if they're murderers, rapists, molesters, drug dealers completely DENIED the opportunity to serve u get the idea, many guys would be great soldiers given the opportunity if their crimes were really insignificant

  • No, bad idea.

    I do not think prisoners should be put to work as soldiers. It is not good to have disgruntled people on your front lines. They may even turn against the country while they're there. There should work for prisoners, so they can send money to their families. Especially if they are non-violent offenders.

  • We Need The Best of The Best In the Military

    The military should be compromised of the best we can offer in terms of protecting freedom and eliminating threats to world peace and there is no way prisoners and criminals can fulfill that role until they have paid their debt to society. A modern military is highly disciplined and professional because it relies on competent volunteers instead of conscripted hooligans.

  • You Think That Will Work

    If you were locked up in a small cell by your government do you honestly think you would be fit to serve as a person in the military, as a soldier. Do you actually think you would serve the best interest of the country after they took your rights away from you? Obviously prisoners should be used as soldiers. There's no way that would ever actually work.

  • No, prisoners should not be put to work as soldiers

    No, I do not think prisoners should be put to work as soldiers. It seems like being a soldier should be the last thing prisoners should be considered for. Giving prisoners, even non-violent offenders, weapons could turn out to be a disaster to say nothing of the fact that, even if they were well-behaved (IE didn't kill each other) the odds of them being willing and able to carry out military orders are very low.

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