Do you think publicly-traded companies should keep the role of chief information officer?

  • CIO’s keeps a business in line with their corporate responsibility

    A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is necessary in a publicly traded company. They play an important role in ensuring a business stays in line with their corporate responsibility.

    As there are buyers and purchasers working under them, they may be enticed to get the latest technology products. The role of the CIO is to examine if that product will save the company money.

    They are needed to help analyze the books and determine methods to generate revenue for the business. For example, if a product or brand is not doing well, they may be able to help turn that brand around. They can work with marketing or the R&D team to see what products are selling and why.

  • Keeping the Role of Chief Officer

    I think so, because it does not take away from what their real jobs are to do. Even though they are traded public companies they still have work to do, and keep their business informed of everything there is to do. There are many companies that have more than one role in society.

  • Yes, the role of chief information officer is necessary for publicly-traded companies.

    Yes, publicly-traded companies should keep the role of chief information officer. These companies have an obligation to keep the public informed of their operations and the chief information officer is responsible for this. It would be very difficult for publicly-traded companies to fulfill their duty to inform their shareholders and the general public if they did not have an officer in this position.

  • Why should they not?

    I think that even if a company is publicly traded, that the business should still employee people in positions that will help them grow and be successful. If the company feels like they need a chief information officer, then I think the company should have that position available to be filled.

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