• Unfortunately, I do.

    I highly doubt publishers will ever find levels of success they used to, before the internet and before Amazon. Amazon gives everyone a platform to write, and basically under-cuts every publisher out there. People will write on there for mere pennies and even do e-books for free, just for promotion.

  • Publishers can Survive Amazon

    There is a worry that the pricing and services that Amazon provides its web based costumers spells the end of traditional publishing as it was once known. While the pricing and dominance of Amazon is problematic there is still room for publishers to reinvent themselves and to work within the structure that Amazon has created.

  • Publishers are not doomed by Amazon.

    Publishers are not doomed by Amazon. Amazon is very supportive of all publishers and gives many publishers a good place to start to earn some money for their works. Many authors start a following from Amazon and create their success that way. I think Amazon is good for publishers, authors and buyers.

  • No, they are not

    They just need to step up their game. If you can't roll with the punches, your going to fail. Times have changed and bringing books the masses is easier than its ever been. You can't think print is going to last forever. The world is changing and for the better, its time for them to follow the lead.

  • Publishers are not doomed by Amazon.

    I feel that publishers are not doomed by Amazon. Amazon may sell books electronically but they also sell printed books that may not otherwise be purchased. Many books on Amazon that you can purhcase link to Barnes and Noble which is exactly where publishers want to find their books because they can sell them for full value here.

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