• Well, honestly I think it should.

    I'd rather have California float of the main land and sink and have Puerto Rico become a U.S State, because California has been filled with liberals and they're flooding into Conservative states and trying to change them. The reason liberals are going to other states is because of their liberal tax policy. It's too high. They should've learned that their policies are not of good use and they should become something else like a Conservative instead of spreading liberalism.

  • Yes, I think Puerto Rico should join the US and become one of it's states.

    Puerto Rico is all but a US state currently it's citizens are automatically United States citizens and they send a representative to congress, I think the next logical step would just to formally make them another state in the Union, I believe there eventually will be a push to make this happen.

  • Yes, it is a territory with a culturally American populace

    Yes, I believe Puerto Rico should join the US and become a state. It fits the population requirements and its citizens are culturally American and have been for decades. Additionally, another state could lead to some degree of political change on the federal level, which most Americans would agree is necessary.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe Puerto Rico should join the US and become on the states. Puerto Rico is about as close to being a state without being a state that an entity could be. I honestly believe this needs to be changed, even though the population has never fully supported it. They either need to be independent or a state.

  • Yes, Puerto Rico should join the US as a state.

    I think that it would be in the best interest of Puerto Rico to join the US and become one of the states. Financially, it doesn't really benefit the United States of America much, but for Puerto Rico, it would make it easier for their citizens to find work in the states.

  • Puerto Rico should not be a state

    Puerto Rico should not become a state. The democrats would like it to become a state because most likely they would vote for the democrats because the citizens are minorities. It would not be beneficial for Puerto Rico to join the union because it would take a huge financial toll on America.

  • Immagrants, money, Culture

    It should become its own country so that it can keep their own culture, style of living, food, and music alive! If it becomes a state it would be worst. The Island is already bankrupt by high poverty level, Becoming a state would be worst and more imagrants coming to the island seince its a state and there coming now cause its a territory. It should be its own country.

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