Do you think Quebec, Canada should become a totally independent state?

  • Leaning In Favor

    The last time Quebec voted on a measure for independence the population was split 49/50 and I have to assume they've continued to talk residents into supporting this measure. I believe when the split is greater with more people in favor then Quebec should be granted total independence. I believe there is a movement towards smaller countries and smaller governments and there's nothing wrong with that.

  • No Quebec should not be independent.

    Quebec, Canada should not become a totally independent state. Quebec May have different ideas and motives they want to accomplish as a city but every city in the wold goes through this struggle. By becoming independent you distance yourself from others and it becomes difficult to come to sensible resolutions that benefit the majority of citizens.

  • Vital Part of Canada

    Quebec is a vital part of Canada and should remain with the nation as long as possible. Yes, Quebec often things their issues are different from those of other Canadian provinces. Yes, Quebec often feels that Ottawa doesn't listen to its concerns. However, if Quebec becomes a new nation it will still be completely dependent upon Canada for its defense and economy anyway.

  • No, this is a ridiculous idea.

    I know the anglo Canadianas and the Francohpones in Canada have been bickering since, basically, the country's inception, but this is a very great nation we're talking about. One of the best countries in the world. Quebec becoming independent would be bad for both sides, and I think even worse for the Canadian side.

  • Quebec should not seperate from Canada

    Quebec and the rest of Canada are a single nation. They may both be able to function independently. Most married couples have this same ability. However, together Quebec and Canada form a symbiotic relationship that works better with both sides. Just like a marriage, there may be difficulties, but together is better.

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