• Change is good

    Some may find those racial emojis offensive but it should not be viewed as that. It is a change from the old. Depending on the conversation one can choose a emoji to best fit that conversation message from the variety of racially diverse emojis. People should be glad that it is only an emoji and not anything more than that.

  • Ultimately, who gives a $hit?

    These new racially diverse emojis are great at making people feel racially insensitive! I can finally make a text depicting a black male robbing an Indian man's convenience store. Having racially diverse emojis makes an excellent attempt of making things more racist! I wish they had native American emojis though... Some people are so insensitive...

  • Racial diversity is desirable

    Anthropological and Archaeological studies are increasingly revealing that the human species is uniquely homogeneous. For the sake of our common humanity if for no other all human beings are entitled to equal treatment. It is, in fact, racial prejudice, based on superficial and meaningless differences that creates much of the disparities of human ability and achievement. When people are treated well they achieve much. When treated poorly they often fail.

  • Racially Diverse Emojis!

    I feel that their is a need for their to be more diverse emojis out their for others to feel comfortable! When their are just a few selections for consumers to choose from that are not what they would have preferred, it does create a problem and makes consumers feel left out.

  • Emjois are the least of our worries!

    I do not think racially diverse emojis are a good idea. I could care less if there is a white one or a black one. This issue is so the bottom of the barrel when it comes to other things we should be worrying about. Who even cares if we just don't have emojis at all!?

  • Can't please everyone

    Emojis should remain yellow or orange colors. If you start having brown or black colored ones, people will think it is racist. It might go the route of the 'n' word, that only people of that race can say that word, in this case, use the emojis, but if a non black person uses them, then people get mad.

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