• Yes, RadioShack is dying.

    The logic here is rather straightforward. Nowadays, people go for what is cheap and wherever discounts are offered. This applies to digital products when the gaming industry is concerned and applies to Walmart when retail is concerned. RadioShack is in fact, dying for it has outrageous prices when compared to other stores for the same kind of stuff.

  • Zombie Radio Shack

    Radio Shack isn't dying--it is long dead. To stay profitable in a market where new technologies in the fields of music, movies, gaming, communication, and the like pop up literally overnight, a business has to be quick on its feet and ready to roll with the changes. Radio Shack invested to much of a foundation in certain kinds of technologies and technological needs, not preparing for a future of internet-savvy, smart-phone using, potential customers. It lost its place on the market years ago and it is far too late now for it to ever claw its way back.

  • Yes, RadioShack is dying.

    In the age of digital shopping and endless price comparison, actual store-front retailers of all varieties are fighting an uphill battle. This is especially true for electronics, where the huge variety of devices on the market means that small stores such as RadioShack can't come close to competing. For this reason, I believe that RadioShack is dying.

  • RadioShack is dying.

    RadioShack is dying. I cannot remember the last time I saw a RadioShack store open, and if it was open, there were not any people inside other than the workers. RadioShack did not provide current enough products at fair prices. Electronics are easily purchased either online or through big box stores in a way that they used to not be. Stores like Radioshack cannot compete with the accessbility and price of the electronics sold elsewhere.

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