• Yes, I think it helps.

    Yes, I think that raising workers wages helps the global economy because we work so hard in todays world for so little back when everything costs so much. you can barely get anything under a dollar at the store and bills are going up, rents, mortgages, it is impossible to keep up.

  • A living wage helps society

    People say raising wages means higher prices, what it means is that companies need to reduce their profits instead. If people had a living wage, people could spend more within their means and not borrow and could afford homes again, thus boosting the housing market. Once people feel secure in what they are earning they will invest in other things like buying their own shops and stimulate the economy. When they work part-time or have minimum wages they are reluctant to spend money and that stunts the growth of the economy.

  • Yes, raising worker's wages helps the economy.

    The economy gets so messed up because of the insane wealth gap that exists between the rich and the poor. It used to be that a worker could pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become rich, but not anymore. There is no other way to close this gap. Workers must be paid more.

  • I do not think that raising workers' wages will help the global economy.

    Raising workers' wages will create less of an inequality between workers however smaller businesses will be pressed to pay the larger wages. This will lead to job cuts and eventually the loss of some of the smaller businesses that make up the majority of the United States work force. If the jobs are not cut, the businesses will have to pass the increase in wages onto the costs of their products or services which can have a negative effect on their business.

  • No it won't.

    Wages should be set according to demand and skills. By raising minimum wage (for example to $15/hr) , jobs that requires little to no skill. One is undermining the worth of those that are currently earning $15/hr at skilled jobs. And the answer is not to increase the wages of everyone either because all that will do is make the dollar worth less as prices WILL increase.

    Additionally, $15/hr will more than double the current minimum wage. When is the last time you had your salary doubled by your employer? It is absolutely ludicrous. It is up to each of us, as individuals, to make a better life for ourselves. Be responsible, get skills necessary for better paying job. Don't have things/family you can't afford to support.

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