• I do not think that Rand Paul has a chance at the Presidency

    I do not think that Rand Paul has a chance at the Presidency. He does not have many supporters. According to many polls, there are many candidates who have a better chance at winning a nomination. Rand Paul may win in some states, but I am afraid that is all he can get.

  • The Republican party's voice of reason doesn't stand a chance.

    By not participating in the extremism of the other Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential election, Rand Paul has in effect taken himself out of the race. It is too often the case that strong emotions win out over cool reason, and the rest of the Republican candidates have turned the primary into a frenzy of fear, distrust and hate. Regrettably, rational thought has no hope on such a playing field.

  • Rand Paul will never be president.

    Rand Paul has much of the charm and optimism of his father Ron, which makes him a strong debater and terrific source of commentary upon other candidates, especially as a critique of many of the xenophobic immigration policies and overzealous war efforts proposed by candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. But, because of these critiques, he is too far away from what the Republican base wants. However, his views on LGBT issues, abortion, health care, and welfare programs make it impossible for him to have crossover appeal with a Democratic base.

  • Unfortunately, he does not.

    No, I am already fully aware that he will not be elected as the GOP candidate. Nevertheless, he remains my favorite candidate and gains my full endorsement. Unfortunately, he has few supporters and people are more inclined to take elections as a means of entertainment than an actual, serious matter. American politics is a horse race, not the voice of the people.

  • Not enough support

    He is too moderate for how conservative the Republican party has become to even be a viable candidate to win the Republican primary, let alone a chance at the presidential election itselt. His views are too conservative for those on the left, and even for moderates and independents he has enough views against them that they won't help.

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