• I stand with Rand

    Rand paul has the capability and smarts to win and be an excellent president restoring peace and liberty to this country! We need a libertarian and Rand Paul is that libertarian! Stand with Rand if you want our country to be a more stable, peaceful, free country. RAND PAUL 2016!!!!!

  • An America under Rand Paul's leadership would prosper socially and economically.

    Rand Paul... Some people say that he isn't half the president Ron Paul would've been but I vehemently disagree. While he does differentiate from his father in some respects he has something his father didn't have, a chance at being president. His opinions synchronise with the Republican voter majority a lot more than Ron Paul's ever did. I'm not saying they're better but in a democracy the most important thing for ideologies is support of the voters.

  • Republicans seem to have no basis in reality.

    Once upon a time they were once a decent, legitimate party, but now they're mostly a do-nothing party. They vehemently oppose any form of actual progress and only act to perpetuate the existing corrupt oligarchy. They propose tax cuts, but only for the rich. They try to deregulate the economy and then blame everyone else when the bubble bursts. They openly advocate for war and hostile invasions in countries all over the world, where we have absolutely no business or serious threat to America. They openly undermine peace negotiations, most notably with Iran. Their incompetence would be hilarious if it wasn't so terrifying. The Democrats aren't much better, but at least they're still sane.

  • Not a Fan of Rand Paul

    Maybe I can't give an unbiased opinion here, because I have never been impressed with Rand Paul. I have always found him to be a bit too opinionated and not in a good way. Its sad when I tend to this Ted Cruz is a better candidate for the office and I am not too fond of him either, but at least I can stand behind his feeling about doing away with Income Taxes.

  • Rand Paul would not make a good president

    I don't believe Rand Paul would be a good president because I don't believe Republican party representative would do much good for the United States progress. I feel like having a republican as a president would be step backwards. My opinion is nothing personal, he is smart and charismatic but I just don't think he would be a good president.

  • Find Him More of a Hindrance

    I wouldn't support Rand Paul because I feel he is often the dissenting voice on issues at the point where unity and bi-partisanship is called for. It often seems important legislation that both parties agree to is hampered by Rand Paul's opposition. He does not bring people together or form consensus.

  • "Rand Paul Will Not Be The GOP Nominee"

    In his campaign, Rand Paul does not appear to be dealing with the Republican party that he thinks. His methods of dealing with the GOP indeed seem practical; rather than butt heads with it, he is attempting to subtly slide along with it. But he seems to believe that the GOP is actually more libertarian than it is. Such misinterpretation does not foreshadow the mind of an effective president.

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