• Bandwagon Effect; It's passed on for generations. (Theory)

    Popular TV shows influence other popular TV shows. I have a personal theory that the higher the popularity of a TV show, the more it's values are spread on spread on social media (internet), the more children are exposed to what's considered "right", and the culture of society is adapted with those stereotypes. For example, if a 7-year-old boy is constantly exposed to TV material where men are constantly portrayed as "dominant" and "athletic", then the boy might be influenced to believe that all men should be this way, even though not everyone likes sports. This dangerously impacts a child's individuality, since he / she sees a pattern of similar behavioral actions of different people. Most notably, gender stereotypes and gender roles are engineered by television. Why are most sports advertisements showing men as the models? Why are most beauty / fashion products showing women as the models? It's possible for men to enjoy fashion-based products, and it's possible for women to enjoy sports, but you rarely see this being portrayed. As a test, go to Google and type "sports". Did you mostly see men as the models? Go to Youtube and type "fashion". Did you mostly see women as the models? There is a large inequality of activities between men and women. This is how gender stereotypes and "gender roles" are created. If a boy constantly sees men enjoying sports and encouraging others, he might think "this is how boys should be". If a girl constantly ses women enjoying fashion and serving as a role model, she might think "this is how girls should be". Then the children grow up to be adults with those stereotypes, and in future generations, future children are raised to follow the same "gender roles". Furthermore, there isn't much diversity of activities promoted by both men and women on TV. Then, parents might want to watch a show that relates to "gender roles" to influence their child / children of how "men should be" and how "women should be". It's a dangerous phenomenon that isn't talked about much, since "gender roles" are "expected". To be honest, if you're a male that enjoys sports, for example, and you have a large social circle of hyper-masculine males, and you talk about how attractive women are and objectify them for your own desire, then you probably didn't realize that TV shows promote this tradition. You probably think it's "expected". Would you believe me if I told you that females make up less than 40% of all leading characters in movies / films?
    TV is very dangerous and powerful. It's cultural values are passed on for generations, impairing individuality of young children. "Oh, man up!" "Be a proper lady, cross your legs!" "She is such a dyke! She's reading a sports magazine!" "Stop crying and toughen up, faggot!" Have you ever heard anything simlular to these comments in your life, at least once? Combat these stereotypes and promote equality.

  • It all boils down to money.

    TV shows do whatever it takes to get an audience and a TRP rating higher than its competitors. People, especially adolescents with their impressionable minds, assimilate whatever they see, without the sense to discern right from wrong. The youth can hardly be blamed for falling prey to this particular evil.

  • It is unauthentic

    Some tv shows are just straight demeaning. They take real peoples lives and make them into dumb people who cant make real descions or other stuff. Like keeping up with the kardashians. Its all drama and no real situations that people ccould probably relate to. Some shows are just really stupid and shouldnt be put on air

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  • Yes it does

    Reality tv has many people stereotyping others. Reality tv can cause people to do unhealthy thing to their body because they saw someone else do it. It can also cause people to change their attitude because of someone on tv. Reality is fun to watch but the stereotyping must stop.

  • E e e d

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  • Yes, TV reality shows create unhealthy stereotypes.

    It is true that TV and all art forms reflect the society they are in, but they do not always reflect the values and cultures clearly. Often, our cultural values and norms are twisted by so called reality TV into what the networks know will cause viewers to want to watch, which is often unhealthy sterotypes of people from different groups.

  • Plus It Is Staged

    Most reality TV is harmful period. Lots of it is staged, or the characters are purposely put in situations to cause drama. Which does tend to lead to stereo types of certain ethnic groups, genders or even weight classes. It be nice if we did not have to create this false, ginned up drama to entertain ourselves.

  • yes I do think so

    Reality TV is very much a bad influence on parents who allow
    their children to watch that and take on the people on TV issues. I also think
    people don’t understand negativity is a demon ready to attack. I think reality
    tv should be positive and more encouraging for the people watching it.

  • The womans body

    I do think that TV creates unhealthy stereotypes, and if you look at the famous women of today you will see what I am talking about. The ideal womens body is now a under weight and unhealthy ideal, that a lot of girls get hurt from trying to copy and look like.

  • Because I said so

    Not all reality tv shows are bad some don't even have stereotypes types like "hoarders" that show promotes keeping your house clean and organized and never let it get too bad. Like the other person said it's a stereotype that a family pick on each other and have fun that isn't bad or a dangerous stereotype

  • No no no no

    It stupid if u do do what they do it is dun with practice and also u know better than to do what they do u are relay stupid if u do what they do on TV u relay are and I hope u are smarter than a dum a and don't do it

  • Not all reality shows create this

    There are shows like Duck Dynasty, Chrisley Knows best that create an environment that is healthy, that is how most families act. They pick on each other, they have fun. They end their shows with praying or saying how thankful they are despite their conflicts. I mean I agree shows like the Kardashians we don't learn a lot from other than to try and make your butt and lips better and in that case yes stereotyping is huge. But I can't base this off a few shows when there are reality shows out there making a difference in people's lives in a positive way!

  • Cause i said so

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  • TV is Entertainment - Plain and Simple

    If you are watching television, is it or is it not because you want to take a break, to check out for a bit with some mindless entertainment. The same applies to reality TV. I would hope that most people are intelligent enough to realize that these shows are edited to appeal to the audience. Cameras are in these peoples' faces, so of course, they may play up to it. As adults, it is our responsibility to choose whether our children watch or not. It is equally our responsibility to dictate to our parents that although dubbed 'reality TV', it is far from that.

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