Do you think reason and faith are mutually exclusive?

Asked by: MettaWorldPeace
  • By definition they are mutually exclusive.

    The only thing we all share is five senses to reason out our natural world. Faith is used to explain belief in the supernatural world and that reason can't explain. Knowledge, understanding, logic and reason are not needed for faith only belief. Reason is one of the best tools we have to find the true answers. Reason is not used to explain Faith, the supernatural world or religious certainty.

  • Definitively exclusive by the definition of each word we agreed upon to state as so.

    Weeds, reasons, weeds. Years ago coming out of an arena I forgot where I parked my car and as I was retracing my steps I commented to the person behind me, "do you think if I whistle, my car will come over and get me"? So on 60 minutes tesla, BMW, Google are making cars with no drivers and respond to commands. Where is my piece of the pie since I gave them the idea decades ago?

  • Not mutually exclusive

    “Faith is not something some people have and others don’t. Faith also isn’t something opposed to reason. Faith is something everybody needs to get started in any direction, and to keep going in the face of discouragement. Reason builds on a foundation of faith.” - Dr. Phillip E Johnson. I very much agree with him.

  • Of course not.

    That's because, no matter what epistemological route you take, your conclusions will be based in something held without reason. All of our beliefs about the world assume that the world exists, and that our beliefs should correspond to reality at all is taken by faith as well. Faith is the ground of reason, while reason can only support our faith.

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