Do you think regular meditation is helpful against chronic aggressive tendencies?

  • Meditation by itself is probably not the answer

    I agree to a point. Obviously regular meditation would help many.many,people with chronic aggressive tendencies,but only in concert with seeing a psychiatrist and ,sadly,taking medication. Meditation in concert with other options hopefully would help, and in a best case scenario, regular meditation by itself,would be all the person would require after being weaned off the medication.

  • It helps us focus.

    Yes, I think that regular meditation is helpful against chronic aggressive tendencies, because meditation helps people think about what is important. Meditation helps people learn to relax. It helps them understand that there is no sense in acting violent towards another person. Meditation is a good way to learn coping skills.

  • It Can Help

    I believe regular meditation can be helpful against chronic aggressive tendencies. The medical field, especially therapists, have been pushing meditation for awhile now, knowing that it does help people. I think the reason for this is the fact that we all lead hectic lives and rarely take time to think for ourselves. Meditation forces this upon people if they agree to do it and do it on a regular basis.

  • Yes, regular meditation is helpful against chronic aggressive tendencies.

    Yes, I think regular meditation practice is helpful in treating chronic aggressive tendencies, because ongoing meditation has been shown to decrease anxiety and anger, and to increase feelings of well-being and self-awareness. If counseling, which has similar effects, is effective at treating aggression by addressing these symptoms, then meditation would be, as well.

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