• It is underexposure.

    Think about it, most religious people believe homosexuality is wrong, just because it doesn't say it is RIGHT in the bible, yet in the bible it never states it is wrong. Do you know it says in the bible to Love thy Neighbor? Does it not? I think it does, and loving your neighbor means to love every person.

  • The Bible is misinterpreted

    Although the Bible teaches that homosexual practices are immoral it does not teach that homosexuals should be hated. However, many churches and even individuals interpret this as gay people are overcome by Satin and should be persecuted against. Although it's not the only reason, religion is one of the leading factors in homophobia.

  • Kill the religions

    If religion was put out of existence, then people would be more open minded and free. Who are you to tell me that I can't be homosexual just because the 'bible says so'. The bible was written too long ago to relate to what we are and have become. Using the bible as a reason to stand behind anything but YOUR own beliefs is completely bogus. I didn't choose to believe in it, so I shouldn't be affected by what it says.

  • Oui oui oui

    The majority of modern homophobia is based on religion, the main reason for this being the Roman Bible. The Romans wanted to dispove all other gods, and one way they did this was by saying that homosexuality and homosexual acts were a sin, the people would then loook down on other gods like the greeks. Example, zeus was in love with a man and the other gods all did the gay too. Religion is really just a set of rules to control a large group of people, these rules include disapproval of homosexuality. Without religions, people wouldn't have much reason fir homophobia, so yet.. I beleive it is the cause.

  • Most religions denounce homosexuality and devout followers are indoctrinated to revile gays.

    Some of the faithful may just shun queers but the more fervent believers will actively indulge in verbal and physical attacks on members of the arse-ramming community.

    No matter what the law of the land says, pious Christians, Jews, Muslims and others believe they answer to a higher authority, a deity, who gives them permission to persecute men afflicted with an affinity with Broadway musicals, male grooming products and flower arranging.

  • Religion is unfair

    Religion deff causes homophobia. Not in all cases. It is a sin to be gay basically. People are scared to come out of the closet and scared to except each other and themselves because they're scared "God" or whoever they believe in wont except them. Religion can be good but not in this case.

  • Yes, it does.

    “You’re allowed to believe in a god. You’re allowed to believe unicorns live in your shoes for all I care. But the day you start telling me how to wear my shoes so I don’t upset the unicorns, I have a problem with you. The day you start involving the unicorns in making decisions for this country, I have a BIG problem with you.” -Matthew Shultz

    I completely agree. Being queer may be condemned by some major religions, but religions are no more than a belief, a personal stance, an opinion. Some folks are under the impression that their religion is the absolute truth, and that's also fine. But those people have to step down from their moral high horse and realize there's no definite proof, and that not everyone follows the same doctrine. To illegalize gay marriage due to religious opposition is just like a Muslim criminalizing pork. It's a breach of religious freedom.

  • Shoving Religion Down Throats

    Religion deff causes homophobia. Not in all cases. It is a sin to be gay basically. People are scared to come out of the closet and scared to except each other and themselves because they're scared "God" or whoever they believe in wont except them. Religion can be good but not in this case.

  • Yes some do

    Some religions disapprove of homosexuality. People follow there religion and if it says homosexuality is wrong they will most certainly think the same. Now some choose to rise above it but religion can still influence so if the question is if every religion causes it then no but some religious views influence homophobia.

  • You know it!

    The words HOMOSEXUALITY and HETEROSEXUALITY referrer to one's natural attractions. Who you feel comfortable and find compatibility with for long term relationships, who you want to spend your life in long term companionship: in a word "love". There is nothing in the bible about love being wrong, if fact we are commanding to love all, even them that offend you.

    Religion has declared war on gay people, stating gay people are the cause of societies moral decay. It is nothing more than a smoke screen to draw attention away from there own internal issues: Corruption within their own institutions! They sit in pious judgement in people who wish to create families with love, when they destroy people with control through fear.

    Love is always right! Being ethical to a moral code is correct, it's the Golden Rule. Immorality is cause of societies moral decline! To teach anything but God's inclusion of anyone is the worst of the lowest forms of immorality on God's creation: Earth. God's love and goodness has been subverted and twisted...


    Oops, that doesn't matter cause God will judge you for your intolerance in the end, so stop trying to save everyone with your lies and save yourself! Good luck.

  • Not at all.

    Many religions such as Scientology, Catholicism, and Post-Modernists are Pro-Gay.
    Perhaps certain denominations of Christianity and Islam do in fact inject ideals that are Anti-Gay, however to make a generalization that all religion pushes for homophobia, is highly incorrect and foolish to believe. If you think that all religion causes homophobia, you are a very ignorant person.

  • Every situation is different

    In some cases, yes, religion may cause homophobia but its unfair to say that religion is the cause of all homophobia. In other cases, the oppressor may not follow any kind of religion but simply doesn't agree with homosexuality because it goes against what they think is 'normal' and what is the expected normal in society. The ideas of masculinity and femininity are very important in many parts of western culture and children are brought up believing they have to be and act a certain way. For example, children's toys are always marketed as pink for girls and blue for boys, so even at a young age children are subjected to society's opinions of male and female. People are scared of things that are different and that's always been the way, and when people are scared they strike out. In conclusion, many things in society influence peoples beliefs and attitudes not just religion. (Oh man I rambled so much.) (I totally support the LGBT+ community btw. Just like to point that out)

  • It's not the religion. It's the people interpreting it.

    We can't blame the entire religion for causing homophobia. I am pansexual and a Christian, and I don't believe that its the entire religion that causes this. It's the asshole people to interpret the Bible in a way that causes hate, but that's not what the Bible is about. That's not what //religion// is about. The point of Christianity is to love your neighbor as yourself and spread love, but certain people stick to one line in this giant book and base their entire believes around something that spreads hate. Its that one person that //chose// to interpret the Bible in such a way.

  • No, activists cause it by their overzealous persecution of anything they deem as opposition

    People are afraid of being labeled as a bigot or a hater if they say anything that someone in the LGBT might construe as less than a complete embrace of homosexuality and homosexual behaviors.

    This makes people afraid of homosexual people. For example, I might hold back on becoming friends with a homosexual person who I otherwise like and have things in common with because I'm afraid that the person will not be able to accept my religious beliefs. For example, they might think I'm hateful if I say "no thanks," when they invite me to their wedding.

  • That statement is reversed.

    It is not that a particular religion causes homophobia; rather, it is homophobia that draw people towards other religions. People don't become homophobic because they are Christian. They choose Christianity because they are homophobic (among other things, obviously). Religion is simply a way to validate presupposed beliefs, under the guise of a superior deity.

  • People will always do what they want to do. Everybody can make their own choices

    Everybody thinks differently and I'm not sayin that homophobia is right. But most religions are totally against it so I don't see how that ties with religion. If people want to be homophobic that's their choice. Not Gods. He made Adam and Eve and everybody can interpret it any way they want to

  • The facts cause rejection of homosexuality as the norm

    Most religions consider homosexuality an aberration and immoral. If one wants to label this judgment as a "phobia," it is rather misleading
    Why active homosexuality an objective immoral fact is because the health statistics and data demonstrate that the gay life style, particularly in males, causes considerable harm to oneself and others, compared to heterosexual monogamy. I could site all the statistics as to why this true, but will leave it up to the reader to make the effort for his or her self, if they claim to be objective in the matter.

  • Maybe for some

    I used to be a member of an organized religion and our goal was love for all mankind. As a whole, many religions believe homosexuality to be a sin and I would have to agree with that based on Biblical principles and guidance. However, I don't think religions causes members or others in society to fear homosexuals which is what homophobia is. The goal of religion, at least Christian religions, is to embrace others as they are. We are all sinners!

  • It Depends Upon The Religion!

    There are some that probably do create homophobia. Others are inclusive of the Gay community. I have attended churches where Gays were members. I once attended a church that fired the Music Director, when he came out of the closet. Perhaps, it has more to do with the clergy involved than religion itself? Christ embraced those who were outcasts. Many clergy regard that as an example to live by. Yes, Christian churches view homosexuality as wrong (based on verse/verses from Leviticus). Keep in mind, those same Christian churches also teach that adultery is wrong (though not as harshly as they once did). As society accepts the Gay lifestyle, many churches may come to view it as just another sin. From the Biblical standpoint, there are many and we are all sinners. The key to acceptance doesn't come from bashing anyone or anything. It comes from understanding and patience.

  • It does not cause homophobia.

    While i think it is a huge contributing factor, i do not think it is the overall reason. It comes from an individual's experience. Since humans and animals are generally (more times than not) genetically programmed to like the opposite sex, i think that it would make sense that people would not like homosexuals because of their own genetic makeup. On top of that, i think that the fact that humans more specifically are generically opposed to viewing their own sexes' genitalia, people do not like that. Especially since society (other than nudists and some cultures where nudity is not a taboo) perceives showing private parts as unacceptable. Therefore, wrong.

    Posted by: rj11

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