Do you think religion is the main cause of most of the world's controllable disaster?

  • God is what keeps us going.

    I am not saying this just because I'm agnostic. I am saying this because it appears that almost every war or catastrophe in this world has been because of feuds over different religions.

    Unless if the religious person is really evil (like Hitler, Stalin, other Osama bin Laden) because of religion, then we should not judge a person by their religion before knowing them.

  • Bronze age religions, have hard times coping with progress

    Saying contraception is bad, saying hitting women is ok, the crusades, denying stem cell research, denying evolution, forcing religious pledge, hatred on people attracted to the same sex, forcing women to carry a child, even if its caused by a rapist, turning killing into virtue, demanding prayer in schools, terrorizing people with the threat of eternal torture if you are not exactly like them, saying humanity deserves said torture, thinking that one survivor of a disaster, is a miracle, when a thousand others died, calling atheists amoral monsters for not using morality from an old book.

    All this, in the name of religion... Yes, religion causes many problems

  • Religion almost always plays a role

    Religious beliefs have always been good part of war all around the world. For example Islam has made lots of jihads or holy wars. Also Islam killed lots as it form the ottoman empire. Same as Christianity to form the Europe countries. Also all the witchhuts caused by religion that kill so many. Also If we look at would war 2 we see that religion play a huge part in fact if the Jewish religion was not there then that war probably not have happen. Even today in counties people die for religion or even being atheist in some parts of the world. The best example of this is Islamic terrorist groups. So yes religion has been a major cause of controllable disasters, I am not saying they are the only cause but play a important role.

  • Yes, they are.

    Since god is a man, man have be known to start wars and cause chaos throughout the world. Religion figures also known to being sexists and pigs. If it wasn't for religion having men we won't have had all the wars, men are the evil of the world. And religion is man's way of brainwashing us women to have sex with them!

  • Nope. Not at all. The source of the problem is the Human Ego.

    Religion is definitely not the cause of most of the world's sociological problems. The cause of the problem is man's ego. Despots, terrorists, militant leaders, murderers, criminals all do what they do--not because they adhere to a religious belief--but because they'e driven by their powerful, prideful egos that share little concern for fairness, equality and the rule of law and primarily champion victory, success, and privilege no matter who it hurts! This is the source of most of humanity's sociological problems. When most people value victory and privilege over equality under the law and basic human fairness, events have consistently led to vicious, painful conclusions.

    Even today, this is happening. I happen to think that the high crime rates in America and the increase in mass shootings is a reflection of what we as Americans value--and that's success at whatever cost.

    Success by itself isn't bad, but there's a right way to obtain it and a wrong way. When people have to break the law or destroy the environment to do it, I wouldn't call that a benefit to our way of life at all!

  • Religion is not the main cause of most disasters of the world.

    Just because religion may be what the instigators are calling the cause of their war, there are other reasons and motives that seemingly-religious wars are caused by. The Crusades were seemingly to promote Christianity, and destroy the infidels, but it could be that the Catholic Church at the time desired the warring nations of Europe to be united.

  • Yikes! Too Vague!

    The words "disaster" and "catastrophe" are used too broadly here.

    A caveat would be a natural disaster or catastrophe for example.

    The word "religion" is used too broadly here also.

    A caveat would be religions that don't have God.

    ""God is what keeps us going"" - as in God is responsible or as in the conceptual idea of God is a catalyst that makes us fight?

    You throw out the information that you're agnostic but then say YES on the vote so I'm assuming you mean as a catalyst(?)

    In which case were you deliberately trying to be cantankerous?

  • While I can't say not at all...

    It's not the religion's fault itself, but rather the fuckers in it who just like to screw shit up. People use their religion as a scapegoat and twist words in it so that people go and blame, even protest the religion more than those who committed the crime. The religion usually teaches acceptance above all else. The Bible's "Love above all else" message (paraphrasing but it's in there) is a part people like to ignore so than can keep the Bible as a scapegoat. Such as hating homosexuals because the Bible said so (it doesn't... According to the Bible God is to pass judgement, not people). People use their religion when it suits them, ignore it when it doesn't. In reality, these people are just using it as the thing to blame their actions on because their isn't a person to blame it on.

    However, Islam does teach an eye for an eye, but again, people use this as a bullshit excuse to kill, torture, bomb, and murder, and then ignore all the love and acceptance and not slinging stones. So yea, while it's in there, it's not the cause, just the scapegoat. Like the Jewish RACE was for Germany for the start WWII and what Donald Dump (i know what i said) is trying to make Muslims, sheiks, and other religious and ethnic groups in the US.

  • Religion, No. People, Yes.

    Religion is comprised of individuals with similar views. Bad things happen when individuals with the same goal of doing wrong get together...Especially when they disguise their "group" as a church and their actions for "religious" purposes. Religion causes nothing, because it is nothing, only a group of people. Those people are who are responsible for good and bad deeds.
    Religion as a whole isn't entirely off the hook either, because most of the world's beliefs are rooted in age old tradition and discipline. Things that were deemed evil, magic and mysterious ages ago, have been proven false. Fact is, we live in a day and age of understanding that social norms of the past are deemed outdated and obsolete. We don't burn people at the stake because we suspect they are somehow responsible for out great aunt's death do we? Back then, the Salem Witch Trials seemed pretty logical....Anymore? No. It is up to us to decide what is right and wrong based on our current knowledge of how things work, even if it means going against religious customs.

  • Religion is usually both peaceful and violent

    Just to make an issue of definitions here, religion can’t do anything per se. It is how it is used (by people) that might make it a cause for disasters. Indeed most of the religions that survive into the modern world have a mishmash of peaceful and violent messages, so it is meaningless to call any religion, a religion of peace or war and thereby laying a claim that it has caused disaster (i.E. While Buddhism largely has a peaceful message, consider the Theravada Buddhist countries of today, namely Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka and their violent treatment of religions minorities, especially Muslims). Such broad and essentialist generalisms just don’t cut it. Everyone has a good and bad track record – Christianity: Truce of God movement vs Crusades, Islam: La Convivencia vs jihad, Hinduism: Saffron Terror (Hindu extremism) vs Ahimsa(Non-violence as espoused by many indian philosophers, including the mahatma, Gandhi)…
    It is therefore important to see who are the ones behind the more belligerent tendencies of religion and their reasons for doing so.

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