Do you think reminiscence is beneficial when you are over 60?

  • Yes, it is.

    I think that it is good for people of all ages to reminisce to an extent. It helps you remember your past and the good old days that helped form you and make you who you are. Like most things in life, I believe that it should be done in moderation so it doesn't lead to depression.

  • I think it is benefical not only emotionally, but for someone's health as well.

    I think once someone starts getting older they need to do things to help keep their brain healthy. If that is by doing crosswords, or even thinking about the past. Also if someone has had a good life, thinking of good memories is healthy. And at that age there is history and stories that can be passed down to younger generations.

  • Reminiscence is important to folks over 60

    In multiple ways, reminiscence is important to folks over 60. It is not only beneficial to health in people over 60, it also allows them to share their life experiences with the younger generations. It will allow the people to stay alert and active and pass down stories for generations to come.

  • Your whole life

    I think that remembering things is very beneficial when you are over sixty, because you are going to feel like you are about done with your life, and have lived and have most of the experience you will get. So people like to remember the best things out of life.

  • Reminiscence is beneficial when you are over 60.

    Reminiscence is beneficial when you are over 60. By the age of 60 you should have lived long enough to have many great memories you can think about to boost your mood. When you're 60 you've lived more than half of your life so it is a good time to look back and think about all of the things that happened in your life.

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