Do you think Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin should team up and run for president in 2016 as an all-female ticket?

  • Charisma of Bachmann / Palin would be Unbeatable

    A ticket of Michle Bachmann and Sarah Palin would have a voter appeal that would be unprecedented in American history. The sheer Charisma generated by these two would overwhelm any opposition. Conveyed by their enormous appeal and vibrant personalities, the Conservative Message woukd be powerful. This Bachmann / Palin ticket would absolutely SWEEP in 2016. No Democratic ticket could stand up to it.

  • Yes!, our first black president has proven to be the worst in US history. Lets vote in women who will not repeat his legacy.

    I think Michele Bachmann will make a great first woman president and would not cause more damage to our country. I think she can help get it back on track under a show the world we are not all like Obama or Bush. These last two have done so much damage to our national security, international relations and economy we may not recover unless we vote in a good choice.

  • President as an All Female Ticket

    I personally think that it would be a great idea for Rep. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin should team up and run for president in 2016 as an all female ticket the reason being is because women gets a lot accomplished so what needs to be done is going to get done.

  • Bachmann AND Sarah: America's Women [BANDSAW]

    I do believe that Representative Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin should team up and run for the presidency in 2016. This is the best time in history for women to have a chance at the presidency, and a women president entering office as a distinguished black male president departs would solidify the image of social progress and "A New Age" in American politics and gender-justice.

  • No way are you crazy???

    No Sarah Palin should not run for President or Vice President she has no foreign policy under her belt. All she is worried about is what she reads that is put in front of her. She was the worst mistake. Hillary Clinton will eat her alive. Bachmann is not any better either. If you are worried about Obama these 2 women are wack jobs.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    The good people of the United States do not need Sarah Palin back in political power. Her ideas are outrageous and should not be taken seriously by any sane person. This is a very negative opinion on this certain person, but I feel it's necessary to be announced in such a way.

  • No, they would bring more shame to the Republican patry.

    The mass majority of people believe both Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin lack creditable. Which is why, both of them lack the ability to gain the approval they would need to run at the presidential level. No, their track record proves they are both unfit and possible not even qualified to hold the highest office.

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