• Without a doubt

    Students at every grade level are contributing to the research process, Whether they are actually writing a research paper, Participating in a research study or providing an idea worth exploring in research literature. The National Center for Research on Teaching Learning says that educators need to start encouraging students to become more perceptive and involved in their surrounding environment. Greater engagement will help students become more actively involved in the learning process. Research writing is based on the inquiry method, And inquiry-based learning -- where students actively ask questions of the teacher and are not simply spoon-fed information -- can be an effective method of learning, The organization notes.

  • Undoubtedly they are.

    Research papers are very important when you are in your academic life. They help you gather data in an organized form and in detail. They give a deep analysis of the topic and all the insights about the subject matter not only to the one who is conducting the research but also very helpful to the reader as well.

  • Yes, research papers are helpful and important.

    Research papers are definitely helpful, especially within the scientific community. Being a written-up account of research, they lay the groundwork for peer review, where scientists can attempt to duplicate the findings of other scientists. The scientific community is often very open about their findings and wish for others to build off what they have discovered. Journals are also helpful for scientists to study, for their own research.

  • Yes I think so

    Yes I think that research papers are helpful. I think that they serve several purposes, but they are definitely helpful, at least more so than not. Writing research papers are a long and sometimes painful process. But writing them helps you learn and it helps organize your thoughts and findings on particular subjects.

  • Research papers help educate

    I do think research papers can be helpful, to not only the student working on them, but for the readers as well. Especially if it is a student doing the research paper that is still in middle or high school. It will prepare them for college level research papers in the future.

  • Of course they are

    Research papers involve one or more researchers dedicating a significant amount of time and resources to a topic of interest. Being able to pick up a paper and read the results of a couple of years of research is extremely valuable, no one person could learn so much about so many topics if they were taking upon all that research themselves. It's great to have research papers compile information for us.

  • Yes, research papers are helpful.

    I believe that research papers are helpful. If people didn't write up the results of their research their results would never be known. Research is important in the scientific advancement of our society. Research papers allow researchers to publicize their results so that other researchers can replicate their studies and add further knowledge to society.

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