Do you think research should stop blame only on video game for violent acts ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Of course they need to

    1. Media is a lie
    2. Video game sales are going way too high, and its like new shooting games and bloody games
    3.Social media is part of violence
    4. Depression is part
    5. Mental Illness
    6. Parents
    7. Bullies
    Now shut it and stop blaming games lol, how pathetic, I lost my mind when they said soul eater caused a girl to burn her house down

  • Stop pointing your finger only on one thing

    I agree research should change attitude .They shouldn't blame only something without concern on other factors.In my research i found different.I study human psychology and know better than those who blame on video game.There is no link between violent or crime and video game.I calculate the statistic ,the correlation between video game and crime is always negative.And there is no link between aggressive behavior and video game.While aggressive behavior can comes from other factors such as family environment,peer influence,mental health and genetic.The problem is not video game make people aggressive but only aggressive people with difficulties of their self control shouldn't play these games.And if you ask why aggressive people choose to expose violent media ?Because it's their stupidity.It's just like why people with cancer disease choose to smoke cigarette.While cigarette harm them even more.Also video game can be outlet of anger,reduce stress and frustation.Also aggressive behavior can comes from stressful as well which video game may help to reduce stress.But we should not worry on aggressive behavior so much.It's not the biggest problem.What we should worry is about cyberbully which cause 4,400 teen death per year.So research should study the effect of social media as well.

  • This is getting old and has to stop quick.

    These researchers have yet to find any beneficial evidence towards video games and violent behavior. But yet, they keep digging and sometimes bribing people to make a huge profit. Those people who shot up those areas were mentally insane or just didn't want take responsibility. If there was a major correlation we would've seen already. All the media really has 7 big cases where the shooter was gamer.

  • They're not pointing fingers at only one thing

    Researchers aren't dumb. I would like you to come up with a survey that covers every single possibility, reaches every single person, with no bias at all. It is really difficult. Professional researchers know how to do this and make sure they include all reasonable possibilities and make sure they reach all audiences without a bias. I don't think they conducted a study just for, "Video games give your child bad behavior issues," because that's something you can't single out. You can't trace bad behavior to JUST ONE THING. Bad and violent behavior can be a result of many things, one the media chooses to focus on is video games.
    I don't know if there is a specific study you refer to when you say they ONLY refer to video games causing violence, but I've never seen one. Researchers know that violent behavior is not something that can be traced back to one thing for everyone, or even one thing for one person.

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MrFox says2015-05-04T14:13:40.550
When does research show that? When people blame games for violence, it's usually based on their gut feeling. Like religious people who are afraid of losing their power over people, so they blame games whenever something goes wrong. Instead they have massive influence on society and are themselves to blame. Research shows the opposite: that games don't lead to violence.