• Yes, reverse prejudice can be a problem.

    Prejudice is defined as a judgement of someone before you have all of the facts. In our society, we have come to consider prejudice a one way street, when in fact, it shouldn't be. There are obvious examples of prejudice each day, and people may forget that whatever side you are on, prejudice can occur. It's a rush to judgement, and a way to generalize a person in relation to the group or groups they belong to. While reverse prejudice is not nearly as dangerous or deadly as the prejudice we are all familiar with, it can still exist.

  • It is a problem.

    One good example of this is women now having many legal rights over men. Women were historically disadvantaged but now they have legal rights over men including being able to rape someone and then sue for child support while they cannot be charged for rape themselves. That is a pretty good example of reverse prejudice to me.

  • Yes I do

    I think all prejudice is a problem whether it's whites against blacks or blacks against whites or any other races ether way no race has the right to judge others and that's what being racist is really about judging others for the color of there skin or they place they come from or anything it is all the same and it is all wrong

  • No, reverse prejudice is not a problem because prejudice against the majority does not negate their privilege.

    Reverse prejudice and discrimination is not a relevant problem because the majority holds the power with privilege. For example, in regards to race, there cannot be reverse racism. Therefore, a person of color cannot be racist against a white person because that white person holds significant power and privilege based on years of enslavement, racism, and violence. White people are the majority and their skin color provides more benefits and concessions than any sort of discrimination they would face from the minority. So, reverse prejudice isn't a problem because if a minority has ill feeling toward the majority it is only due to lived history showing the majority's lack of concern or investment in the minority.

  • No, "reverse prejudice" is not a problem.

    No, "reverse prejudice" is not a problem because there is really no such thing. If one person does not like another because of the color of their skin or for religious reasons, it is considered prejudice. It is not a one-way street. We should call it what it is in order to better understand the problems.

  • Reverse prejudice is not a problem, it is prejudice which is the problem.

    Reverse prejudice is not a problem in itself. The problem is any kind of prejudice. The commonest form is where members of a majority group in a society, white people for instance, begin to resent the special treatment accorded to a minority, such as black people. There is no sign yet in American that this is a widespread problem, and to prevent that happening the solution is education.

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