• Rich people are happier than the poor!

    Less worries, Free of stress; money can buy them, Their family and friends, Healthcare, Food, Best education, A warm homes, Clothes, Entertainment, Transportation, Freedom to relax and enjoy life. . . . While the poor is constantly working for low rewards, Losing time spent with family, Poor health and environment conditions, Bad/no food and clothes. Life is more easier and joyful for the rich, While the poor suffers daily and is always n survival mode.

  • Yes they're much happier.

    The 1% of rich people are much happier in their daily lives because the 99% work for them. The 99% build the rich people's empires. The 99% get up at 4-6 in the morning and have to fight traffic to get their kids to school, day care, and work. They also work for over 40 years at dead-end jobs and have to pay this week's paycheck for next month's rent. They hardly ever take vacations. When they retire most are to old to travel and do the things they always wanted to do when they were young. Rich people don't have to worry about being late for work. Have you ever driven by a rich person's home and asked yourself what is it that a rich person does to live in such a beautiful home?

  • I guess, rich ppl can be happier, if they can handle it well.

    Well, worrying about the money is one of the worst thing, i guess.
    Everyone would be happier in a nice house, with a cool car, good food, having the reason to travel, and try out new things, doing sports etc.
    Living on your own is much more better, than always listen to somebody else, what to u must to do, for a small amount of money.

  • It doesn't hurt.

    Yes, I think that rich people are happier than poor people, because rich people do not have as many things in their lives to stress them out. A rich person doesn't have to worry about how to pay the bills. They are able to try new things if they want to.

  • Being rich and heartless is evil, And make tons of enemies! Excessive greed for money causes much pains in our world.

    You will be doomed to a very pitiful & painful existence if you think money as the only important thing only goal in life! Time to wake up! There are much better meaning and goals in life, Such as love & friends, Hobbies & pleasure, Self improvement & skills. . . Etc, All that does not nescessarily involve money.
    Money is very hallow and very fleeting, Especially true in modern society, Easy come & go, Gets tricked by massive losses in gambling and stock markets. Greedy corporatism is a trap.
    Do not forget how our human prehistoric ancestors survived in moneyless societies, Who relied on their own skills and willpower to survive, Much more inspirational than those spoiled demonic rich elites!
    In fact nowadays, The rich elites loves to exploit poorer workers by cutting benefits, Stagnant and low wages, Frequent periodic job layoffs, AI replacements, Poorer students get tricked by loaded with massived student debs while getting low paying jobs upon graduation: in All professions, Even in STEM jobs). Greedy corporatism is a trap, All thanks to evil greedy bosses.
    Do you want to be like a evil demonic rich fatcat CEOs, Who make enemies out of your common men,
    and cares little about others well beings around the world? ! ?
    Greedy corporatism is a trap. Those rich and heartless CEOs will be condemned to a hell in their afterlife! And rest assured, Many rich fatcats will be dead earlier due to over-indulgence /overwork / rebellions from the poorer masses! Do not forget occupy wall-street and the massive protests! There will be no justice otherwise!

  • No rich people don't have the same type of happiness or experiences of the poor and or middle class

    A huge thing that my parents used to tell me was that in order to be happy you need to first be rich and second be charismatic but after a while I found this not to be true. Though being rich is nice it can't give you the same happiness or the same experience as when you are alone and rich. The rich have no reason to be sad which can accrue sadness altogether. They don't have the same struggle in many aspects as others might in achieving finally having enough money to do something or work harder in order to buy that one thing you have just been out of budget from having. They can't receive the joy of finally having that one thing they can't have in turn taking away something they can never have.

  • No, Not really.

    Rich people feel they need to acquire more stuff to be happy. They probably have less financial stress and more opportunities but what do they really value? Can they really relate to being poor unless they started off as poor to begin with. Hopefully, They did not forget where they came from in order to relate to someone in a difficult situation and be more generous. Being rich does not necessarily make you a better person in the end.

  • Rich people are always expecting more

    Rich people expect more and can never really meet they're wishes. Poor people don't expect as much and live happily with ophow they are. Also, Rich people isolate themselves from theyre, friends, family, and the important people around them. On the other hand poor people have they're friends and family as close as they want them to be. In other words, if any problem were to occur, there is a higher probability that a poor person can go through it without having to b depressed than a rich person due to the support the poor person has.

  • Poor are happier than rich!

    Well as you say above money is every thing, NO!Not at all. Why the love,
    Unity .They are also very important. The people in the rich family, every one is separated,the children are always with technology . They do not have time to talk with their parents. Even the parents cannot control them TOO!

  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅓ덭 덩 ㄷ

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 러 러 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ캬냐냐ㅑ캬내ㅑㅑ쟈냔주 나자저ㅏ넞 나냐ㅏ댠 더냐ㅏ너주누ㅓㄹ 러ㅡ ㅓㅑ쟈 ㄹ ㅜㅊ 자난 자쟈나드즈낻 나닫 ㅓ ㅓㅓ 드재ㅐㄴ 다다닺 나자ㅏ잔ㄴ 자나ㅏ난 다나나ㅏ라ㅏ ㅜ다ㅡ푸개ㅐㅜㅐ ㅜㅏㅍ ㅏㄹ ㅡㅊ ㅏㄹ ㅜㅏㅏ ㅏㄹ ㅜㅏㄹ ㅜ기ㅡㅊ갳 ㄹㄱㄴ ㄷ낟 턴 탇 탇 얻 ㅓ우ㅡㅊ ㅡ 츠 ㅓ ㅡㄹ 라 ㅏ츠 ㅡ ㅏ ㅡㅡ ㅓㅜ랄 ㅏ아 ㅜㅐ어해우ㅜ ㅇ라ㅜ

  • Nowadays, Poor people is much more happier than the rich people. However, Rich people can buy their wants but they can’t buy happiness.

    As my opinion, they not saying poor people is much poorer than the rat. Rich people have rich people problem because sometimes they can’t handle their family and they are focus for their work. Happy and complete family are much more important than being rich. Yes, rich people can buy their wants but they can’t buy happiness.

  • Not at all

    While some of the rich people out there such as the owner of Coke may be happy but many others are not. Also you need to study hard and do stressful things to get rich while normal people just does normal easy things and enjoys there life. In addition you have more responsibilities than other people.

  • Like many things, it depends

    Irritating response, I know, but it's true. Everyone is different. There are probably some 'rich' people out there who are genuinely happier than some 'poor' people out there and vise versa. Economic status does not determine happiness necessarily but I'm sure it plays a large part for many, whether they be wealthy, comfortable, unwealthy etc. It's not a one size fits all concept.

  • No, in a lot of ways they are probably sadder

    There are a lot of people who dream of what they would do if they could have more money. They imagine how much happier and how easy life would be. But that is not true. Really, it is harder being rich. At least when you are poor you know who your real friends are.

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