Do you think Richard Allen Davis should get the death penalty (yes) or life in prison (no) for the abduction and murder of Polly Klaas?

  • Kill the man

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  • Give the man the needle

    I believe that he should get the death penalty due to the fact that he killed another human being. This was not an accidental murder there was obvious intent and as such he should get the death penalty. As a tax payer I do not want to pay for this man to sit in jail for the rest of his life when he could just be executed and we could be done with him.

  • the death penalty

    I think that the crime that he committed is reason enough to warrant getting the full on death penalty, and that he needs to go to straight to death for the things that he did to this young girll, since he is a very evil man and needs to be gone.

  • Yes, I think Richard Allen Davis should get the death penatly.

    I think there are few times the death penalty should be applied by I think Richard Allen Davis murder of Polly Klass fits one of those times, anytime someone commits a act that was as brutal as what he did there needs to be a form of punishment beyond life in prison.

  • He should get the death penalty.

    When it comes to the death penalty, I am a fence sitter. In the vast majority of cases, I do not want to se the death penalty. But when a person kidnaps and torments and murders someone, they deserve to be killed for the act. In my mind, your rights disappear when you do this.

  • Life In Prison

    I do not believe the death penalty does much for justice. I believe Richard Allen Davis should spend life in prison for the abductions and murder of Polly Klaas. Death for death seems like an easy way out for a criminal. They don't think much about ending someone elses life, so they may not think much of their own either.

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