• The death penalty shouldn't take so long to carry out.

    Richard Ramirez was a monster. When he was cornered and captured in East Los Angeles by local residents, the cops should have held back for another hour or so and let them take care of the problem. In general, I think that the death penalty in the United States takes far too long to happen after sentencing.

  • The law had it right.

    Richard Ramirez should not have been executed sooner. This is because the state had to do their part in carrying out justice. Sometimes this takes quite a bit of time. As a separate human being myself I can't advocate for ending the life of another person sooner than what the law considers appropriate.

  • No, I believe Richard Ramirez deserves life because no one should be killed.

    I disagree with executing Richard Ramirez. In spite of his remorseless acts of murder, I think that every person has the right to not be judged into a circumstance of death. Remaining alive is a fine punishment for those who act in unimaginable ways because they are most likely people who really need to sort out and explore themselves. If we let someone die without the option of understanding what they have done and how it hurt others, then we only create more evil in the world. If we let that person explore and begin to live a new life of understanding, then imprisonment is justified.

  • Richard Ramirez execution sooner?

    I don't think that you can really put a time as to when someone should be executed, I think that you should have to sit and think about the wrong that you have done because in my eyes getting executed is the easy way out but at the same time I do believe it needs to happen more often and it shouldn't extend longer then 30 yrs because then we are just paying to much money to keep the criminals who think taking lives away is okay.

  • Death by B-cell lymphoma

    I do not believe you can say Richard Ramirez was executed because he dies of B-cell lymphoma while waiting to be executed by the state of California. I don't particularly care for the death penalty so I feel like he probably shouldn't have been executed earlier because the sentence shouldn't have been handed down in the first place. Certainly don't agree with what he did, nor do I feel less sympathy for the victims, but life in prison seems harsher to me.

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