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  • Satanism can lead to evil and violence

    Anyone who practices in Satanism runs a risk in doing unethical and sinful actions by nature. There is a fine line between good and evil and crossing that line in the form of satanic beliefs are possible. There can be many factors at to why Richard Ramirez had violent tendencies, but Satanism is a major factor.

  • They May Have Been Connected

    I believe it is possible that Richard Ramirez's belief in Satanism may be part of the reason he has the tendency to be violent. I believe people exhibit the qualities of their belief system so someone who finds favor with Satanism would certainly exhibit far different behaviors than what a different person of a different religion would.

  • No: Ramirez's Satanist Beliefs Did Not Influence His Violent Tendencies

    According to reports, serial murderer Ramirez was raised by an abusive father and received two head injuries in his childhood. Abuse and trauma are known triggers for creating clinical psychopaths out people who may or may not be predisposed to such tendencies. It is likely these effects which led to his violent behavior, and Satanism became a way for him to later justify and normalize it.

  • Richard Ramirez's Belief

    I personally think that When comparing Charles Manson's sociopathic tendencies to those of Jeffery Dahmer, the definition of sociopath must be considered first. A sociopath is typically defined as someone lacking the typical social skills and understanding of societies right and wrong limits. Charles Manson was quite a social person. This is why he had many followers. He was present at gatherings and was an apt public speaker. Jeffery Dahmer was a true sociopath. He was barely known by his neighbors and co-worker. He avoided social gatherings except to find victims. He did not recognize what he was doing as his responsibility because his dog spoke to him (or so he claimed.) Manson knew that what he was doing was against society, so he often had others do it for his amusement.

  • No, drugs were at the root of both

    Richard Ramirez was a drug addict. Both his satanic beliefs and his violence were rooted in his addition. He may have had some crazy ideas but nothing would have come to the surface the way it did if he had not been under the influence of illegal narcotics, they destroyed his mind and ability to reason.

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