Do you think Rome II: Total War is a good game?

Asked by: tylergraham95
  • Alot of the problems have been fixed

    After 17 patches i would say that the game is good and enjoyable they have changed alot of the dumb desisions and fixed almost every bug. Its not the greatest in the total war series but its still a good game, and i will say that the non agression pacts and defensive alliances was a great idea to add to diplomacy.

  • I do indeed

    Rome II: Total War is a very good game, especially for an RTS, but my problem with this question is, how is it a debate question? It's simply asking my opinion on a video game. Where's the debate? Who gets to write these questions? I think they need to be screened for quality.

  • It's fun and realistic!

    I love the newest installment of the Total War series. As a grand strategy game, it's just solid and entertaining. I also love the challenge presented by it. The total war series is just so unique compared to other strategy games, it's really hard to beat. Also, the graphics are nice as well.

  • I dont support war games.

    While I am sure Rome II: Total war is indeed a good and fun game to play for all participants, I do not support any games that have to do with war or going to war. I think it is a bad idea for people to play games in relation to war because it can lead to future violence.

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