Do you think Romney should still pursue the conservative vote?

  • Yes, but only as a citizen.

    Yes, Romney should still pursue the conservative vote, because he is well-liked and respected. However, he should not run for office again, because once a person loses a presidential election they are not likely to be reelected again, Garfield excepted. We should find a new candidate for the next presidential election, but Romney should help them campaign.

  • Romney Lost His Chance

    Mitt Romney should not pursue the conservative vote any longer because his opportunity to become president has faded away. He can still run for Senate, the House, or even for governor, though. He shouldn't step back onto the national stage after his embarrassing defeat by Obama. His time to shine on such a stage is gone.

  • Romney should not persue the conservative vote.

    Romney should not persue the conservative vote. I think he should take his loss and not attempt another election into the Presidency. The people have already shown him that he is not who we want in the office and I think even in the future he will continue to get the same result.

  • No, I Do Not

    Being a democrat that would have gladly voted Republican last time, so far that there was a viable candidate, I do not think Romney should pursue conservative votes. I would prefer Romney stay away from the election all together. I believe both sides, Democrats and Republicans, need to search long and hard and find a viable candidate for the people to vote for. I'm geting tired of voting for the "least worst" candidate.

  • Moderates Win National Elections

    Mitt Romney should pursue moderate voters because independents and moderates win national contests. Being conservative or liberal helps in smaller contests within a certain congressional district. However, one must appeal to the most people during a national election in order to win. Mitt Romney made the mistake of trying to appeal to people like him. Unfortunately for the GOP, there are more people in the United States that can identify with Barack Obara rather than Mitt Romney.

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