• A good message

    People who strongly hate Ron Paul generally take the points of view of people in the older media etc. While people might not completely agree with Paul's points of view, the overall message of a combination of both social liberalism, including personal choice, and less government is valuable in today's world.

  • He should run as a republican!

    Libertarians don't have much of a shot at becoming president. America is a two-party system. We need Ron Paul to be president, He supports world peace and letting people live freely of government interference, For the most part which is a good thing. He will have a chance if he runs as a republican, Therefore he should. Bernie Sanders is a third party candidate (socialist) who ran as a democrat, And look at his success, He was the runner up in the democratic primaries, Paul would be massively popular if he ran again as a republican, And might even win.

  • He has had his turn

    He just seems to be a little old and tired to run for office again. He has his son now and his son probably has a better shot now at the Presidency. That is because Ron Paul paved the way for him. I do not know why either one claimed to be a Republican though. It is just easier to win elections that way, instead of running as a Libertarian

  • Ron Paul will likely step aside, in favor of his son

    Ron Paul will more likely then not step aside to allow his sound Rand free reign to run for President. Although some fans of Ron do not completely follow over to his son, it is far from unlikely that Ron would risk taking votes away from his own child. Furthermore although father and son are not completely connected together in their beliefs their is enough of a connection that Ron will likely help, and campaign with his son if Rand ask him too.

    Even if Rand decided he will not run for president, it is believed that Ron will still stay on the sidelines because of his age. At most he may direct his followers in who to vote for in the Libertarian or other third party.

    As far as other offices it is highly unlikely Ron will run, again because of his age. Ron will most likely enjoy his retirement with his family, only occasionally using his voice to support people who follow his beliefs.

  • No, I don't believe Ron Paul should run for office again only as a Libertarian.

    Ron Paul has had a long history in politics both as a Libertarian and then a Republican. I believe he is correct in retiring from public office after his long career and the movement he left behind now needs to pick up the torch that he used to carry and blaze the path forward.

  • No, I do not think Ron Paul should run for office again.

    I think that Ron Paul's attempts to run for the office of the President of the United States of America have proven to be futile. I do not think there is enough of a change in the beliefs of the general public that a third party candidate can ever win the office.

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