Do you think Ronald Reagan was a good President? This is his entire Presidency mind you.

Asked by: Sciguy
  • Yes, I found him to be a fine President.

    Though Mr. Reagan found the Star Wars initiative more important than disarmament of the Nuclear Arsenal in general and had alzheimer's towards the end of his Presidency and life he made the United States a better place... Somewhat.

    He said the famous words "Gorbachev tear down this wall!" which, along with President Kennedy, made the impossible a reality by uniting East and West Germany in 1989. Reagon made it possible, that is if it could of worked, that Social Security could last another thirty to fifty years and his "Reaganomics" helped the country as well.

    When he became President he inherited an economy that was in worse condition since the Great Depression but he fixed it!

  • Depends how you look at it but overall Yes

    I support him mainly because he tried his hardest to avoid war at all costs and worked very well with Congress

    The only problem was that while he jacked up the military and cut taxes, it put the country into a HUGE DEBT which has kept rolling up ever since. Don't know if he had much of a choice though.

    Also Arms for Hostages was a huge bust, but again, hard to say it would have played out any better in a different situation.

  • He cleaned up a lot of messes

    He helped better the economy when it was in a rut. You may not agree with some of the policies he put in place, but despite that, he was most certainly not a lazy president. He took action, and made decisions with discernment. He was also a president that wasn't just a politician, he was previously an actor. His famous words were, "The nine most terrifying words are 'I am from the government, and I am here to help." Coming from a president, that is a pretty amazing quote. His politics aren't for everyone, but sometimes you have to look past the party, because even I admit, Obama has come around lately in terms of the Syrian refugee issue and what we should be doing in Iraq and Syria.

  • Reaganomics. War. Propaganda.

    I would like to think that despite the praise Ronald Reagan still receives by conservatives, that he was one of the worst presidents Americans ever elected. His trickle-down lead to a massive recession - even during a time of great conflict between the Soviet Union and United States. Reagan's fancy flat tax and wealthy tax breaks [aka his "Reaganomics"], were some of the most poorly assembled economic plans that put America into a huge pit, sinkhole debt. Which is something Republicans love to do, just tossing money out the window and taxing people on the disposal of it.

    War and Propaganda kinda go hand-in-hand in his case. Cold War, lasting from 1947 to the 1980's, though it took the USSR until 1991 to become Russia again. Then also the Iran Contra, apparently the Iranians were the "big bad enemy" of America, full of oil and hatred towards Western democracy [kinda like the "communist" Soviets], yet he was literally SUPPLYING THEM WITH WEAPONS. And this was not done on just one occasion, no - he took the true conservative legacy of men like Dick Nixcon [aka Richard Nixon]. He decided "let me slander this particular group, and then go behind the back of the congress and the nation and perform some scandals for my own benefit." Not to mention he was one of those "here's a shiny toy leaders", the ultimate mind wash technique? Misdirection. As opposed to keeping the situations of the war and the economy real, Reagan decided "let me tell jokes". What a wonderful president, amirite?

  • Just terrible. . .

    Making deals with terrorists (several times), silly wars (several of them), trickle down economics, dismissing HIV / AIDS.

    Far from the best president, not the worst, but I sure don't like him or his legacy.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Posted by: TBR
  • Ronald Reagan: Worst President Ever?

    Nixon, Ford and Carter won scant praise for addressing the systemic challenges of America's oil dependence, environmental degradation, the arms race, and nuclear proliferation - all issues that Reagan essentially ignored and that now threaten America's future. Reagan convinced millions of Americans that the threats they faced were: African-American welfare queens, Central American leftists, a rapidly expanding Evil Empire based in Moscow, and the do-good federal government., Reagan's message could be boiled down to the old reggae lyric, "Don't worry, be happy." Rather than pressing Detroit to build smaller, fuel-efficient cars, Reagan made clear that the auto industry could manufacture gas-guzzlers without much nagging from Washington.Reagan intentionally staffed the Environmental Protection Agency and the Interior Department with officials who were hostile toward regulation aimed at protecting the environment.

  • Most of his accomplishments were fake

    Unemployment actually went up, and he engineered Iran-Contra to make a buck while he was in office. Also he was a vegetable for most of his presidency and Nancy was in control of a lot of stuff. Too old, too dumb and too dishonest, plus he had really dumb hair.

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