Do you think Roseanne Barr's show "Roseanne" is the greatest comedy television show of all time?

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  • It never was funny great to put a baby to sleep

    I grew up from a child during the first original series and never like the show. Married with children was way better. I figured the show was made for my great grand parents. It surely was not made for younger generation. It was not funny then and not funny now. . I am talking of both series the original and the Conner's. What a bore I can't believe this show was famous. Who does the rating for this show. I barely can find adult males around there 38 and younger that like this show. The younger generation 30 and younger barely know who she is.

  • Proud to say I never watched and won't

    Roseanne is a loud, bullying, coarse and usually unfunny comedian. The show portrays a bunch of dysfunctional family members. Why is it ok to stand against bullying and nasty behavior but then say this is a great show? Everyone in the family insults each other. The show also just went for shock value - let's see what controversial issue we can bring up today. Seinfeld, and 30 Rock would win any day as far as shows produced in the past 20 years. Roseanne just brings the country down.

  • Not funny then and now.

    Never was a fan and tried to watch new show comeback, but lasted 5 minutes. There are to many great shows to watch. Won't waste my time. I can not stand her laugh and voice. The comedy is not relevant to my lifestyle and don't like Trump, so not interested.

  • No, "Roseanne" wasn't.

    I really never understood the obsession with the television show Roseanne. It was a funny show sometimes, and I do remember watching it, but it doesn't hold a flame to some of the sitcoms you see on television now. For example, the Big Bang Theory is funnier. As is Two and a Half Men.

  • Not that good

    This show was very popular, and is for sure going to go down as one of the best shows in history, but I would not say that it is the greatest comedy show of all time. There are many more, such as the Carol Barnett show, that can match this one.

  • The show "Roseanne" is not the greatest comedy show of all time.

    No, Roseanne Barr's show, "Roseanne," is not the greatest comedy show of all time when you take into consideration the many other superior comedy television shows that have aired. Some better competitors might include the comedy shows Seinfeld, Friends, even a fringe show such as Reno 911 would be a better candidate for this title.

  • No, "Roseanne" is not the greatest comedy of all time.

    "Roseanne" is far away from being the greatest comedy of all time. Most of the show was a sad portrayal of family and the comedy was based upon that. I do not consider that kind of raunchy humor to be great. I would say a show like "Seinfeld" is a much better comedy than "Roseanne."

  • Roseanne - Not One for the History Books

    Roseanne Barr's long running comedy show, Roseanne, was ground breaking in many ways. It introduced what, at the time, were a lot of controversial and unexplored on tv issues. While that was positive, Roseanne tended to leave one feeling negative. While the family portrayed was a solid family unit, there was a general disrespect shown by all characters - a seeming lack of respect for themselves and others. We had two obese, financially struggling parents who were parents to 3 disrespectful and dysfunctional children. The parents were often seen insulting each other and their children, and the children were very rude to each other and their parents. While some may feel the portrayal of the family more accurately portrayed "mainstream" America, I think many of us were left hoping this was a case where life would not imitate art.

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