• Rumer Willis Should have Done Dancing with the Stars

    Dancing with the Stars has become the premiere television show for celebrities in recent years and is a true sign that you have "made it" in Hollywood. It is an honor and a privilege to be on the show. Most celebrities who have been on it have given rave reviews about the experience.

  • Yes, Rumer Willis was smart to do Dancing with the Stars

    Rumer Willis is a young actress who needs exposure to further her career. By doing very well on Dancing with the Stars, she has upped her name recognition in a positive way and increased her popularity with a large segment of the American audience. With a over 13 million viewers last week, the consistently well-rated show is a plus for Willis's resume.

  • No she has a lot of potential

    No she is one of the better ameateur dancers on the show this season. I think she will be in it till the end down to the final 2 couples. I am thinking she might even be the winner of the whole season. She has been working extremely hard the last few months.

  • No One Should

    No should be on Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars should be cancelled and replaced with something more interesting. Reality TV is over and many people are tired of the mindless dribble that these shows exhibit. Who cares who can dance better and why does it have to be stars?

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