• Yes, the effects of years of taking drugs

    He has had many years of taking drugs, battling with an addiction which he has beaten, something that should be admired. Unfortunately he has not come out unscathed and suffers from paranoia, delusions of grandeur, is bipolar and has the full range of conspiracy theories. He is not a genius.

  • Russell Brand is Psychotic

    His opinions are based purely on righteous nonsense; he hasn't presented any arguments so far that have shown to be otherwise. Not only is he a complete moron with fatuous opinions, but he has also shown that he is generally unstable on the whole. He should not be taken seriously at the least ans much more appropriately ignored altogether.

  • Completely insane but brilliant at the same time

    While he's certainly got some serious mental issues it doesn't hide the fact that he scams his followers in a genius system. Spouts loads of stuff about Marxism and the 'revolution' while simultaneously making a packet and not ACTUALLY helping the poor at all. Better still he's portrayed as a martyr for doing literally nothing in the real world. He's so messed up I'm not sure if he actually thinks the revolution will happen but I guess we'll never know.

  • After seeing him on the Jonathan Ross show

    I think he's the angriest, deluded, hurting, broken man. I admire his attempt at vulnerability and openness about mental illness, but I've never seen someone who needs Jesus more. I think it's obvious Russell is a redeemable good boy turned bad, but I think he really needs real, unconditional love.

  • Is a classic attention seeker

    Never looks relaxed, and often looks totally unhappy, especially when he has periods of manic outbursts. I feel Russell is compelled to act out emotionally, and his behaviour drugging, drinking, and sex episodes are all symptoms of an underlying sense of hurt or pain within him. I like him, he is very intelligent and erudite, he writes well and is humourous. For all these reasons I do not like to say that I feel he is unbalanced, it seems grossly unfair of me. However no matter how much I admire him I feel there is something inside him a teeny bit off scew, and it has a dramatic negative effect on his persona. I wish him the very best in life, he has attributes which have the ability to make him a very successful person. I hope he can find inner happiness and maybe a little peace. Best wishes Russell.

  • Russell Brand is mentally ill.

    Russell Brand has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He has also be diagnosed with Bipolar - a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another. He has openly spoken about his struggles with ADHD and bipolar disorder. In his standup comedy Brand has made fun of his substance abuse, drug addiction and sexual exploits.

  • Russell Brand Psychotic

    I personally think that Russell Brand has some kind of undiagnosed form of mental illness or disorder that needs to be treated. But because he makes some people laugh, he will probably not seek treatment for it. I do not think he is in any way a genius even a mad genius.

  • Yes, Russell Brand is a psychotic.

    I think that Russell Brand has some kind of undiagnosed form of mental illness or disorder that needs to be treated. But because he makes some people laugh, he will probably not seek treatment for it. I do not think he is in any way a genius even a mad genius.

  • Brown university is

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  • Another celebrity showing insanity

    Brand and Carrey are both similiar in deception. They are deceiving the public that they have found truth clean and sober.
    The truth as I see it is two damaged people off of drugs getting high on spiritually.
    The public loves it as well. It sounds and feels great to the fans who now think their idols are just like them.

  • Neither of those

    I feel that any one who is a little left of centre is diagnosed with a mental disorder because it is convenient for the pharmaceutical industry to have a person depend on medications that ultimately alter their brain chemistry. Although I myself have been deemed seriously psychologically disturbed and I don't feel I am so how can anyone trust anything that I think or anyone else thinks. 😌

  • Russell Brand isn't psychotic

    Why anyone would diagnose him as psychotic I have no idea. I think many people are jealous of his ability to articulate abstract ideas in a rapid-fire manner. If you look at the people saying "he's psychotic" most seem to have some underlying problem with him that has something to do with their own insecurities or political views. Guys are jealous because he could be dead broke and homeless and still, If he chooses to, Bang their girlfriend in 15 minutes flat.

  • Probably a bit of both

    Thinks ahead of our times
    meta-analyses social structure
    given the nature of bipolar 1 linked with high intelligence, I think his intelligence is profoundly high
    spiritually aware but perhaps emotionally/behaviourally challenged, as those with BP can be
    some people challenge society and our norms, thank fuck he is one of them

  • Growth and power

    He has come along way, overcome many boundaries and is more self-aware than most. His strength to identify and battle with his demons everyday, while supporting others is incredible. His use of comedy to relieve his pain is often mistaken for arrogance, obnoxious behavior however you will find delving into Russell thoughts that he uses comedy over drugs to cope.

  • Mad genious for sure

    If you listen to Brand, and have understanding of the conscious being then you understand that it takes a great deal of knowledge to gain these ideals. To say he is psychotic when he does not show signs of any psychosis but instead has studied, experienced and shows he understands these abstract concepts shows mad smarts.

  • I don't think he is psychotic. I also don't think he is a mad genius.

    No, I think he is a person who suffers from a chemical imbalance (bipolar.)
    I think he means no harm to anyone and that he believes what he says. I don't agree with much of what he says, to be sure. But I wouldn't think he is psychotic because he feels passionately about his beliefs.

  • Laughing to the bank.

    I do not think that Russell Brand is psychotic, because his genius is just an act that he makes a lot of money from. If you look at photos of Russell Brand, he doesn't look crazy at all. Russell Brand does crazy things to improve his name recognition and his own personal brand, pun intended. He knows what he's doing and he makes a great deal from it.

  • Brand is a colorful, but sane, figure.

    Russell Brand is mad genius. While Brand might not be everyone's cup of tea, he has his own sense of humor that a lot of people appreciate. He adds color to the everyday mundane brand of comedy we have in the United States. Some people might not appreciate the British part of his humor.

  • He's An Entertainer

    I do not believe Russell Brand is psychotic and I don't really think he is a mad genius, but of the two, that description is more accurate. Russell Brand is an entertainer and I believe he understands the need to be out there, unique, and controversial to keep his place in the lime light.

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