• Russia will not help get rid of Assad.

    Russia has been a staunch supporter of Assad's Syrian regime for far too long now. Because of this reason, we cannot hope to contain their influence on his power. It is largely because Assad knows he has the support of Russia that he continues to commit the atrocities that have now been documented.

  • They don't care.

    No, I do not think that Russia would help get rid of Assad, because Russia is too busy trying to make plans to invade the Ukraine and take it back. Russia does not care about the suffering in Syria. Russa does enough to hurt its own people. They do not care about others.

  • No, I don't think Russia would help get rid of Assad.

    The Russian Government has traditionally supported Syria and is likely to continue to assist Assad to stay in power, the Russian Government has heavy investment in the area and trade relationships that are benefited by a stable and secure Syria and that means keeping the current Government which is pro Russia in power.

  • Russia would not help get rid of Assad.

    Russia would not help get rid of Assad. I think they tell the United States that they are our ally and they would do anything to bring him down and to justice but I just do not see that happening anytime in the near future. I think that Russia is too busy protecting themselves and trying to be powerful.

  • No, Russia would net help to get rid of Assad.

    Russia is not a country that would help get rid of Assad. As much as Russia likes to tell the international stage that they are an ally of the West and Democracy, Russia is more interested in making sure that they become more powerful by taking advantage of problems that are facing the world.

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