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  • No, I do not think Sally Field looks 70.

    I believe Sally Fields not only does not look anywhere near seventy years old but that she has almost a child-like air about her. The Academy Award winning actress embraces life to its fullest and in my opinion, that is what keeps her young. She has a positive outlook on life that will enable her to remain out of age's grasp.

  • Sally Field Looks Much Younger

    Sally Field is aging very well, and does not look 70. Although I wouldn't guess her age to be that high, I also wouldn't really be thinking of age first anyway. Sally Field looks like Sally Field, her age is a moot point. She seems to be enjoying life and living healthy.

  • No, Sally Field is ageing gracefully.

    Sally Field is no spring chicken she is getting up there in age. She does looks great for her age but, it is beginning to show, as when anyone ages it starts to show at some point. Sally Field is aging at a good rate she is not showing her age just yet.

  • No, Sally sure is attractive, still at the age of 70.

    I've always been a fan of Sally Field, and she still looks great. However, I take issue with one statement she made. She said "70 is old", and that's incorrect. Age is a chronological number. Being old is a state of mind! I know people who are old in their late 50's because that's the way they feel and act.

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