• Sanders could win any working class voter over if they'd give him a chance.

    Donald Trump's campaign is all about playing on the emotions of the voters. He knows what gets people riled up, but past that the campaign has little substance. He doesn't care about the working class, and ironically those are the majority his supporters. Bernie Sanders has a solid record of fighting for the rights of the working class and the minorities. He's essentially been speaking the same message for decades. He has a real plan that would actually help the working class. Every day more and more people are hearing Bernie's message and joining his campaign. His rise in the polls has been phenomenal. I hope that people will soon tire of Trump's entertainment and seek out a candidate who has been on their side for decades.

  • No, the candidates are too different.

    The political outfits of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump differ so greatly that it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that a supporter of one can be persuaded to support the other. Trump espouses extreme, right-wing views. Any person who supports these views would have to do a 180 (probably more) in order to align with Bernie Sanders.

    Posted by: elw
  • Sanders Can't Win Over Trump's Supporters

    Sanders makes some good points, and he is correct in stating that Trump said to keep the minimum where it's at. Sanders is correct is stating that Trump is corrupting the fears of many Republicans and turning it into hatred against Muslims, Mexicans, women, etc.

    Sanders is hoping that the many Republicans who like what Trump is saying will turn to him when they hear the truth. The problem is that they don't want to hear the truth. Our country is more divided on political/social lines that it ever has been and the fear that Trump is feeding his supporters isn't helping, it's increasing their fears and their inability to hear reason (funny how fear and hatred do that).

    I think it will be close to impossible for Sanders to pull them over into his camp because they're functioning in fear and hatred. Those ugly emotions and feeling now have a champion in Trump, and he tells them those ugly things are legitimate and rational. They're not going to hear real reason.

  • No, Sanders cannot win over Trump's current supporters.

    It is my belief that Sanders stating that he can win over Trump's current supports shows his uncertainty of winning his own party's votes. Trump has supporters which appear to be very loyal to him and his ideas. Therefore, by attempting to win over Trump's supporters by showing that his ideas are somehow "better," Sanders is actually weakening his support, both within the Democratic party and the Republican party.

  • Sanders is unlikely to win over Trump supporters.

    While both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have acquired very strong support from voters who appreciate their candor and no-nonsense style, their polar-opposite standpoints on many of the issues, would make switching sides a difficult leap for most supporters. Sanders has been very outspoken against corporate greed and describes himself as a "democratic socialist." The voters who are also frustrated with the economic divide in this regard are unlikely to be attracted to Trump's capitalist economic agenda, and his close ties with some of the largest corporations and banks in America.

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