• He has staid true to his beliefs.

    Unlike most politicians, Sanders has staid true to what he believes, and has been part of movements that helped change the nation, even when they weren't particularly popular, (examples include the civil rights movement, the homosexual rights movement.
    He and Trump are the only ones without super pacts and both are honest, but Trump is a bit insane, and actually believes that he is popular with Latinos and African Americans, so he is being honest in his head but isn't quite right in reality.

  • Bernie Sanders: The Most of Honest of the Presidential Candidates

    Bernie Sanders is the most honest presidential candidate in the United States. Hilary Clinton, although she has the highest popularity rating, is known for lying and, in some cases, conspiracy. Her story regarding Benghazi changed numerous times, which is just one example of her dishonesty. Donald Trump, although many would advocate that he is honest to a fault, tries to lie his way out mistakes he has made. For example, when it was brought to his attention that his idea to place Muslims in the United States on a registry was similar to Hitler's Final Solution, he tried to back pedal and claim that he did not mean what he had said. Instead, he tried to place the blame on the journalist interviewing him at the time. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, appears to be the most transparent of the candidates, without any such lies finding their way into the media yet.

  • Sanders, the most honest candidate among a pool of liars.

    Every single presidential candidate lies. Without lying there is really no chance at becoming president. This presidential cycle, though, seems to contain many pathological liars. Preliminary stats do show that Sanders does try to remain true to the facts but even he still lies about 5% of the time. But compared to the other candidates this is by far the least, making him the most honest of the candidates.

  • I think He's one of the most Viable

    I think that the Democratic side has the best candidates for the office of President. I think that both Bernie and Hilary would make a good candidate for this office. Yes, I know that Hilary's integrity has been in question. But that is perhaps mostly because the GOP candidates are afraid of her more so than Bernie, which might actually work to his advantage in the end.

  • Not at all.

    In reality, Carson is the most honest canidate. I'm not saying he's my pick, but he's shown to be the most honest canidate. Sanders as the most Honest canidate???? Ha!!!!!! If you think that's true them you don't know s***! Climate change causes terrorism?????? Wow!!! That's quite a truthful statement from sanders...... NOT!

  • I don't think so

    I think Trump is the most honest candidate in the race. I definitely think Sanders is more honest than Clinton. Most politicians by nature are not honest, so I think Sanders is more honest than most. If I had to pick, I think Trump is the most honest. He doesn't care what he says.

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