Do You think sanders stance on socialism will prevent him from becoming president???

Asked by: Debateajax196
  • He should have kept the socialism out of the democrat name.

    Socialism has a negative stigma attached and even though Democratic Socialism is different from Socialism in general, the baggage of the word comes with it. Bernie Sanders should have just said he was just a democrat because now he just potentially ruined any chance of him winning the election. It's a shame because even with his socialistic views, I still prefer him over any other candidates. Trump's an idiot, Shilary is a corporate shill, Ben Carson is insane and Ted Cruz is also an idiot.

  • Yes it will

    Socialism, when thought about in detail, is not a system most americans would want to live in. Most of us want to keep the money we make and not be forced to give it to someone who chose not to work as hard as us. Bernie sanders will not win.

  • Socialism is repugnant

    It's not a red flag for specific parties, it's just a red flag for educated voters or hard-working Americans. Only the millennials who do not understand economics and are buying into this PC crap are supporting Sanders, who is a buffoon and a complete moron that deserves to be tarred and feathered.

  • Yes, it's a red flag for many blue voters

    The word socialism to most Americans is one of failure, one of anti-American values (capitalistic ones) and brings a thought of second or third world country. Bernie Sander's Socialism tag will ultimately harm him if it doesn't destroy him in the end. Socialism is basically a system of equality of the people, which is anti capitalism (our system). In summary, the socialism tag will make Bernie unappealing to some if not most Dem's.

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