• Yes, I think Satya Nadella will be a good CEO for Microsoft.

    I believe anyone who has gained the faith of the Board of Directors and shareholders will do their best in the job, only the best of the best ever get a chance at a job like this and I think that Satya Nadella is a competent individual with an impressive background.

  • He didn't get the job because he was incompetent.

    You don't just become the head of a multi billion dollar company because someone picked your name out of a hat. Before being named CEO, Satya Nadella was executive vice president of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise group, responsible for building and running the company's computing platforms, developer tools and cloud services. Basically all the services at the heart of Microsoft's offerings today. Yes, he's good for the company.

  • Satya Nadella's Background is Good for Microsoft

    Satya Nadella will be a good CEO for Microsoft because she understands that the world is global and comes from the country that provides a large quantity of computer workers. Perhaps she can leverage her knowledge about the third world and how important it will be for the future of our technological age.

  • Nadella is a moron

    Nadella does not get to the feet of Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. The biggest evidence of this is the problems in Windows 10 that has become the worst Operating System since Millenium and Vista.
    His next move will be to turn Windows into a system with a renewable, Non-permanent license. The only thing that is working properly is the X Box One.
    I miss Steve Balmer, He at least continued Gates' work well.

  • Uhhh, Windows 10? Unstable versions of MS Word as in 2013. He continues bad tech Ballmer started. Win 10 a leased service, not an OS?

    He exists for the shareholder. And the share price remains relatively high. And to bring in more H1B workers from India. There exist multitudes of them in Redmond-Bellevue taking jobs from U.S. citizens. Office 365 is awful. He speaks in vague notions and windsome ideals. So, no, bad CEO for users like Ballmer.

  • Satya is not a leader; companies like MS need leaders not theoretical CEOs

    He is only trying to use fancy words, which is often used by people to hide their drawbacks and lack of knowledge. He has no focus; nor clarity of how to move ahead with MS. It is shameful that an educated and intellectual board would select someone like him. Unless there is someone who simply wanted a puppet-head.

    Posted by: samt
  • He is an idiot!

    Look at the stupid layoffs! If he looks at cost cutting as the only means of getting a profit, tough luck microsoft! This is the first thing he is doing - no innovation -no new directions - no vision - no products. Good call Balmer!
    Good way to run microsoft down!

  • No, Nadella will not be a good CEO for Microsoft.

    I do not think that Satya Nadella will be a good CEO for Microsoft. I think that Satya Nadella doesn't have what it takes to run the company of MIcrosoft as effectively as possible. I think that Satya Nadella will benefit from consulting with Bill Gates in regards to how to run the company.

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