Do you think school should start at 7:00am and end at 1:00pm?

  • Need more sleep!

    Adolescents need 8.5 - 9.5 hours of sleep to function properly. It's hard for teens to get to sleep before 11:00 p.M., because of their unique sleep-wake cycle, so we definitely need to wake later. I, personally do not enjoy waking up at 6:00 in the morning to get to school by 7:55, let alone at 7:00! I wrote an argumentative essay on this topic for English class. Whether you have more after school time or not, we barely get enough sleep now!

  • More time after school

    I personally find it that if I wake up earlier, though I'd be much more grumpier in the morning, I feel like that the day is longer and has much more possibilities. So, instead of just shifting the time I spend awake during the day, I feel like the day is longer and that I have more time.

  • It should be starting at 9 or 10

    The average teen brain releases the tired hormone at 10 or 11. The average school starts at 7:45 or 8. Assuming they passed out instantly when tired(unlikely) that leaves between 7 or 8 hours. Given that they are only starting to be tired and will take time to sleep they get less. As it is, the system demands we be awake when we should be asleep and only leaves the time we should be awake to sleep.

  • No let them have time for other things too.

    Kids are normal people too right? Well the answer to that question is yes. Let them live a young, happy life. While they are still young. Let our youth have fun, and be entertained. I am just a seventh grader almost in high school, I have a lot of homework and so do my peers too. So let them just have a break. Let them be kids before it is too late.

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