• Yes they should

    In this day and age tech is everything. Especially in schools. The traditional paper text book are cumbersome and can lead to health issues. People have many back problem's due to textbooks. Also in the long run it will be less because the e-books will have updated information and the school will not have to buy more books.

  • Yes, I do

    I am all for books. I would hate to see the day when books completely disappear. But, when it comes to schools, I think this would be good for the environment and it would ultimately save a lot of money. Besides, we are now in the technological age and I guess it should just be embraced.

  • School textbooks need to catch up to technology

    While many of us have fond memories of drawing little hearts and messages in our school books, the reality is that most of us used worn texts that were generally outdated. Students using e-readers have the opportunity to highlight, reference notes, learn a new word with the tap of a finger, enjoy readily available updates and avoid the weight and bacteria inherent in dragging knapsacks of books around. A library of learning can be condensed into a tablet. Certainly, an e-reader is at least the beginning of embracing today's technology.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe school textbooks should be replaced with e-readers. Publishing companies need to stop screwing over the school system with their high priced, out of date the second their printed text books. We have alternatives now and we should use them. I believe the sooner we can implement this change the better off the school system will be.

  • E-Readers are offensive

    I noticed that E-Readers might be more up to date but have you ever thought that they could be offensive to those who are blind or deaf they were e never tought to read because they can't hear and they can't see or feel the writing or read it plus I beleve that people should stay by the book for they could be read plus.

  • No, textbooks help students concentrate. Also, they help to keep track of daily study.

    E-readers, with a lot of books and even small games in it, can be an distraction for students. Reading a book and reading on the screen it different and the latter, by providing unnecessary information, could distract people's concentration, reducing efficiency of study. Secondly, e-readers are fragile and may be broken. Then the data and records will be lost and students do not have any chance to restore all the notes and important information, which could influence their academic performance. Textbooks, on the other hand, like a dairy, keep valuable knowledge and important points for a long time.

  • I think it would be too expensive, for no gain.

    I do not think that school textbooks should be replaced with e-readers. There are some issues with this, the biggest of which is cost. Not only would the school have to buy the e-readers, but they would have to buy e-reader compatible versions of every textbook they want to use. Secondly, e-readers are much more fragile then textbooks, and are much more prone to theft, both further sources of cost to the school.

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