Do you think schools need to lower their food price? (Lunch)

Asked by: MahoneZ
  • They totes should lower the prices

    The food that they give us definently
    Doesn't match the high price they charge I think they should either lower the price or make better food that is why I bring in my own lunch.Not because of the price but the disgusting taste.But honestly I have to say more lunch ends up on the floor than in their mouths
    -sorry if that was really really boring, I'm a bad writer

  • Lesson learned: Always bring home lunch..

    For a hamburger that tastes like cardboard, it's worth $3 at most. Depending on which kind of drink you get, it's about $2-3. Buying chips and side meals, it's about $3. Adding a total to this comes out to be about $8-9. I know it may not be the same for every school but you get the general idea. Stale pizzas, cold tater tots, and wrapped microwavable burritos? All this for $6-7? Why buy such expensive cardboard tasting meals when you can buy burgers, fries, and a drink for only $5? (Inn N Out)..

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