• Schools should have a dress code!!

    I'm in high school and I want a dress code, yeah that's pretty bad. It's because guys have their pants below their butt and it even go down to their knees nobody wants to see some guys butt and and other general regions sticking out, girls would wear see through shirts, booty shorts and skirts, shirts that are so low their breast pops out of their shirts or you can see it all when they bend over or have giant holes in their pants to the point it looks like there ripped open, it's not dressing for success, you would't go to a job interview like that

  • Yes! Absolutely yes

    Yes, that way children won't be discriminated based on clothes. Plus, it saves A LOT of money. Instead of having to buy clothes for all year long, you just have to buy them for the weekend and occasional situations. And it's so much easier, specially for girls. You don't have to put any thought into what you're gonna wear the next day and you don't have to be concerned weather it makes you look cute or not. But as I said, most importantly, it takes discrimination based on clothes out of the picture.

  • Dress code should be enforced

    Schools are public education institutions. Therefore, Dress code should be appropriate for ALL children. There are still many families and children that want to dress modestly and display modesty. A lack of regard for the latter is not ok. "Conservative" or those of us who believe in dressing modestly deserves just AS much respect as all other people.

  • It's school not a party.

    I've seen some pretty ridiculous clothing at school. People sag way too low (That's what belts are for, I don't know why they even bother wearing them if they just drop their pants like that. ) I've seen girls come to school wearing basically nothing, Just a tube top and very short shorts. I don't want to see the majority of your bra. A bra strap or both are fine, I just don't want to see most of it. It's distracting and I'm not even a guy, And I have no interest in girls. It simply just draws your attention to them. It's not like it's too hot in our school or anything, In fact those people often complain about being cold. Most of the time it isn't enforced because there are simply too many people doing it. Someone got dress coded in my class and made a massive deal, Complaining very loudly in front of the class and distracting everyone. When you go to the school, You sign a contract and part of that is the dress code. We're here to learn not to hook up. I don't think the dress code has to be extremely strict, But it still should be enforced.

  • Yes, School dress cods should be enforced.

    Yes I believe that dress codes should be enforced and here are my reasons why, I believe that other students should not have to feel uncomfortable because of other people wearing things such as showing, Too much cleavage or booty shorts. This goes for men too, Not everyone wants to see guys underwear or there butt or whatever. I think people should have dress codes for obvious reasons.

  • Should schools enforce dress codes.

    HELL YES! No one wants to see girls short shorts and their short skirts. If you walk or bend over ans I see your butt then it is too short so go home and change. School is a place of business not your catwalk. Get appropriate clothes on and then come ready to learn. It ruins your image if you come with your breasts out and stomachs showing and men pull up your pants maybe even but a belt.

  • This would help prevent or cut down

    On school violence e. G. , When a student wears something that depicts violence e. G. , Shows a picture of a gun on his shirt, Shows other scenes that depict violence, Or that shows a word or words that are too explicit. A student would be suspended, Or expelled from school for wearing clothing that may be related to violence, That uses a explicit (or a swear) word, Or related to drugs, Alcohol or tobacco. Schools are now cracking down on it.

  • People would get distracted

    Kids would get distracted with some revealing skin and would get either "turned on" or attracted by the skin that the girls are showing. So i really do think that schools should have dress codes. Some people may have a different opinion about what I have to say but oh well it's my opinion.

  • Most people wear inappropriate clothes.

    Everyone has their different styles of wearing clothes, but some need to tune it down a bit, everybody needs to wear appropriate clothing in school, maybe not wear uniforms but just good clothing. Some boys wear their pants to low and some girls wear their shirts to low. It's becoming a big problem in the U.S.

  • School are proffensional

    Schools arn't places to go and show off your body for everyone to see, they're proffesional places to learn and study. The last thing you need while learning is a distraction, this goes for both boys and girls. Honestly this argument is some of the dumbest crap I've heard in awhile. You go to school to learn not to show off your body.

  • Having a dress code makes boys and girls feel less empowered to act freely and develop their own personality.

    In my country, Colombia, most of the schools have a dress code. But in those same schools with dress code the children are subordinated not only with their dress choices but with their hear cuts. As these children grow they don't behave as individuals but rather, they become very dependent on others. When they graduate they are generally immature and they haven`t develop as much as those children that had the liberty to experience free will when they were younger. These leads to incapable people, who cannot take responsibility on their own. Their self image is dependent on others, because they have grown accustom to do what others tell them to do rather than what they really want.

  • Dress codes should absolutely not be enforced!

    A dress code, I believe,covers up a student's personality and takes away a method of expressing themselves. From personal experience,I believe students perform better in the classroom when allowed to wear their own choice of clothing. I'm not saying they should not enforce guidelines (short shorts,sagging,too tight shirts,etc.),as some of these things are not only inappropriate in the classroom,but in real life as well.

  • NO!!! IT stops free will expression.

    School uniform stops expressing themselves in front of their first friends from a young age. It costs a lot of money as well which could be spent as well. To enforce school uniform DOES NOT create equality, it takes the last piece of free will a child has during compulsory education!!!

    Most of them innocent and they get trapped into school with no way out..... SO IT IS IMMORAL TO MAKE THEM WEAR IT!!!! It does not stop bullying, bullies still found a way to bully and they should be dealt with.

  • It's just plain stupid.

    When guys see girls shoulder their not gonna get distracted in class and go like " Damnnnn that's a fine shoulder."
    Like who would do that????
    Dress codes are stupid and pointless.
    I mean what about the expressing themselves? And when it gets hot?!?!?! Plus, there is like NO stores where you can find the right length for shorts. NO ONE IS GOING TO SCHOOL WITH A BIKINI OR NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!! I think its the parents decision to choose what their kids should wear.

  • We Shouldn't Have A Dress Codes

    I am in middle school and we have a lot of dress codes, well us girls the boys don't get in trouble when they sag their pants but the girls get in trouble when the are wearing leggings and there butt is showing ? Like really what is the point of that ?

  • Dress codes are pointless and uniforms are useless

    Teachers and school staff. Principals and all. Let me ask you something. How the hell do you expect these kids to grow up to be themselves and chase after what they want, when you won't even let them develop their own style to express themselves and you in the corner implying all these dress code rules? How ? Tell me how. Stop the judging, it's not getting society anywhere.

  • Dress codes are pointless and uniforms are useless

    Teachers and school staff. Principals and all. Let me ask you something. How the hell do you expect these kids to grow up to be themselves and chase after what they want, when you won't even let them develop their own style to express themselves and you in the corner implying all these dress code rules? How ? Tell me how. Stop the judging, it's not getting society anywhere.

  • Dress codes don't let kids express and show who they are. They don't kids be confident in what they're wearing.

    If kids are forced to wear things with in the limit of finger tips or show their straps. Then if people are comfortable wearing clothes like that then go ahead and let them. Kids wont get a chance to express their personality if you put limits on what they are wearing because some people is not hat kind of style. If somebody told you that you can't where that anymore because it's to inappropriate and people wont like that. Don't listen to them because they are just trying to get in your head and if you're comfortable wearing clothes like that then go ahead and wear it.

  • I do and don't support dress codes.

    I do not support dress codes because I believe we have a freedom to wear what we want. We express how we fell through wht we wear and, now they want to take that away from us.
    I do support the dress code because sometimes we do wear things that are too inappropriate to school sometimes. Some girls wearing shorts that have their butt hanging out of it. Boys sagging their pants to wear everyone can see their boxers.
    So if it was up to me to make the decision to have a dress code, I wouldn't know wht to pick. Certen things need to be dress coded, but some things don't.

  • The girls should be able to walk with confidence not in shame.

    Girls where dresses, shorts, skirts, tank tops, and BRA'S. It should not matter if are Bra strap is showing. What you schools need to worry about are the boys. Us girls should be able to dress so that we feel comfortable, The boys can walk around with no shirt on in 100 degree weather but we can't where a tank top. That is a bunch of rubbish.

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