• Yes! Absolutely yes

    Yes, that way children won't be discriminated based on clothes. Plus, it saves A LOT of money. Instead of having to buy clothes for all year long, you just have to buy them for the weekend and occasional situations. And it's so much easier, specially for girls. You don't have to put any thought into what you're gonna wear the next day and you don't have to be concerned weather it makes you look cute or not. But as I said, most importantly, it takes discrimination based on clothes out of the picture.

  • Schools should have a dress code!!

    I'm in high school and I want a dress code, yeah that's pretty bad. It's because guys have their pants below their butt and it even go down to their knees nobody wants to see some guys butt and and other general regions sticking out, girls would wear see through shirts, booty shorts and skirts, shirts that are so low their breast pops out of their shirts or you can see it all when they bend over or have giant holes in their pants to the point it looks like there ripped open, it's not dressing for success, you would't go to a job interview like that

  • Dress code applied to students is necessary

    Juveniles are yet to grow up completely, so they can't judge what is right and wrong. The main goal of school is to raise students as a right adult, and the main role of students is studying. If there is not any regulations on clothes in school, students should not concentrate on studying. For sure, some students imitate wearing like an adult, and students should be more concerned about what clothes to wear everyday. For some reasons, some regulations to school students is necessary in my opinion.

  • Secure the rights of the students

    The students must wear their own school uniforms to help the authority in identifying them during school times and outside of the school. By wearing the dress code, if anything happen outside of the school, the people will easily recognize them by simply looking at their uniforms. Thus, they will immediately help them and the students who commit crime outside the school also will be easily recognized that leads to detention for the students.

  • Public Schools Should Have Minimum Standards

    Public schools should have minimum standards of dress for juveniles. Attire that touts drinking and smoking in young people shouldn't be worn, nor should bikinis and swimsuits. At one time, pajamas were a fashion trend in schools--that induces laziness and pjs should also be banned. Schools should enforce dress codes as students are there to learn.

  • Schools should enforce dress codes

    Schools should enforce dress codes as enforcing them has proven to decrease acts of rebellion in students. Acts of rebellion should be decreased as much as possible in a school's environment due to the harmful nature that they have. Implementing mandatory dress codes is an effective and valuable step in this process.

  • Yes,schools should enforce dress codes.

    Yes ,schools should enforce dress codes.Dress codes make education much more efficient.Students don't have to worry about impressing their friends with their clothes and teachers have fewer worries about distractions.Parents would probably say that they actually save money on the spending that they make for their school age children that need clothes.

  • Yes to an extent.

    I think the schools should enforce dress codes, but not be too strict with it where a girl can not even where a tank top that is not even showing their bra in any way shape or form. I think it is silly to go to school during the summer and have to wear a shirt that is hot and sweaty.

  • Yes, they add to learning.

    Yes, schools should enforce dress codes, because they allow students to focus on learning, and not on what they are wearing. Gangs are a big problem in many schools. Without a dress code, schools do not have way to prevent their schools from becoming turf wars for guns. Schools with dress codes are more professional.

  • Schools should enforce dress codes

    Students should be given a copy of the dress code at the beginning of the school year. They should read it over and make sure they understand what the dress code entails then they should sign a copy to keep on file at the school so the have no excuse of why they did not adhere to the dress code. Dressing properly for school is a good skill for children to learn before they have to enter the workforce and make these decisions on their own. Schools should enforce the dress codes so students know they have to comply with the rules or face the consequences.

  • Having a dress code makes boys and girls feel less empowered to act freely and develop their own personality.

    In my country, Colombia, most of the schools have a dress code. But in those same schools with dress code the children are subordinated not only with their dress choices but with their hear cuts. As these children grow they don't behave as individuals but rather, they become very dependent on others. When they graduate they are generally immature and they haven`t develop as much as those children that had the liberty to experience free will when they were younger. These leads to incapable people, who cannot take responsibility on their own. Their self image is dependent on others, because they have grown accustom to do what others tell them to do rather than what they really want.

  • Dress codes don't help academically.

    Tests have shown that when you are allowed to wear what you want, You do better on tests and in school. If you are allowed to be comfortable and not have to worry about getting suspended over your shoulders or your collarbone showing, You probably would be able to spend more time studying and focusing. If "the boys" can't focus because your arms are showing, Then the boys should learn to control themselves.

  • Dresscode needs to be gone

    I feel like our school is like suffocating us. They are so strict that I can literally wear nothing. LIKE WHATT. It’s so ridiculous that they have to ruin someone’s day by dress coding them. Like girls always get dress coded because we are “distracting “ people, Like WHY DONT YOU TEACH BOYS TO CONTROL THEMSELVES! Also, You even get dress coded for the littlest things. Like “oh I can see one cm of your stomach. ” Like TF! It is ridiculous that I can’t even wear what I like to wear. Like I’m not gonna replace my wardrobe just for school.

  • Should schools support dresscodes

    I am a student and strongly believe dress codes are ridiculous. My views is as long as the "no dresscode" isn't taken advantage of it is fine. I should be able to wear a shirt showing my collarbones for my liking because I 'm fond of how it feels and looks on me . I shouldn't have to second guess my entire wardrobe and think " can I wear this . Can I wear that " in fear of distracting a person from the opposing gender . It seems to me the real problem isn't how us females dress , but with males and their reactions to it .

  • We should be able to express our self the way we want to.

    We (students) feel that we are over sexualized because "our shoulders are too sexy" or other things and it restricts our clothes so we have to take the time to find clothing that fits the school dress code. Girls are more affected by dress codes but boys are not, boys can wear shorts but girls cant .

  • Dress Codes are stupid

    Students should get to express them selves without getting shamed. Students shouldn't just get to wear underwear but they should get to wear a shirt that shows so stomach who cares if you see some skin it's the same skin as on our arms and legs. So why does it matter?

  • Dress codes suck

    Dress codes are not cool. Not only is it body shaming people, it`s just harsh. Dress codes don`t give you the freedom to wear what you want. For example, if someone went and bought a new top on sale and wanted to wear it on the last day of their junior year. Oh no! Dress code alert! Your parents are at work and you get grounded for a month for the school`s opinion on your new top. Not cool

  • Dress codes? No thanks

    We as students should have the freedom to express them self. I don't care about seeing people stomach. The way people dress is not my problem. It's your problem. If you don't like people wearing crop-tops, TOO BAD! So many schools have a dress code and then students wear that crap and the teacher are ok with it. WOW

  • Should schools enforce dress codes

    HELL NO! I should be able to have freedom of expression. Yes people shouldn't be able to wear just anything because of course there's freedom of expression and then there's just inappropriate. Like duh we shouldn't be able to come to school in a crop that looks like a bra but a crop that shows like a 1in strip of your lower stomach? Come on!! Who the hell cares about your damn stomach? And yes we shouldn't wear jeans with holes in it to the point we can see underwear or that its really close to you know your area but me having a hole on my thigh above right above my knee? HAHA! You got to be kidding me. The way people dress is who they are ... BE WHO YOU ARE! Also that shit is sexist but i'll let someone else take that topic . ;)

  • Dress codes take away your freedom of wearing what you please.

    When their is a dress code you feel restricted to be who you are and wear what you want. Why is their a need for dress code? I cant understand how wearing something out of this dress code will distract a person of the opposite sex. It really is dumb. Especially who they target girls with all the rules while boys only get to things to keep out of dress code.

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