• Yes, they need to help.

    Schools should be part of the solution , not the problem. They need to make healthier school lunches and offer more nutrient based foods instead of unhealthy frozen foods. Schools can also be involved with fighting obesity in children by making psychical education classes longer so they can get more exercise in. On top of that during those classes they need to make everyone active instead of having some participate and others sit around doing nothing. They need to stress the important of being psychically fit.

  • Schools (Lunches) are part of the obesity problem.

    While it is not solely up to schools to combat childhood obesity, they can play a part. School lunches can be a whole lot healthier then they are now. I remember getting pizza every Friday and chilly every Monday or Tuesday. Never a salad or lean cut of meat. The healthiest thing I can remember getting for lunch was milk but that was always chocolate.

  • Yes, they should

    If it is in the budget they should stop the children from getting out of control. The children are just getting way to fat, and this might be the one generation that lives less than the last one. If they are taught young, they can use that information for the future.

  • Yes, of course.

    Schools should be leading the charge at the federal level for fighting obesity in children. The reason is because this is where children spend the majority of their time outside of the home. More emphasis should be placed on meals and on physical education. This is extremely important. I hope it happens.

  • They can't do everything.

    No, I do not think that schools should get involved to fight obesity in children, because the children cannot depend on the government for everything. It sends the wrong message to allow children to learn that the government is the answer to everything. Schools should stick to teaching reading and writing.

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