• To a certain extent

    Schools should have some type of dress code. You should not be allowed to wear offensive clothing or anything too ridiculous like super short shorts/skirts or super cropped shirts. At my school, one of my friends was dress coded for her wedge sneakers because they were “too tall for school.” We are also dress codes for wearing jeans with rips in them. They aren’t even the ones where half of your thigh is showing! I think some dress code policy rules are stupid, while some are good also.

  • It's place of learning, not fir fashion show.

    We are going to school for learning, not for fashion show but also we have life. We can limit our life at school then after k-12 we can wear what we want. The freedom will grant until we graduated from high school. And it is place for us to learn and it is not fashion show.

  • NO NO NO - 14 year old Karen’s opinion.

    Dress codes make school less likable and comfortable for students. Not only this but it also denies students their right to freedom of expression. The first amendment of the US constitution guarantees freedom of religion, assembly, right to petition, but most importantly, it assures a citizens freedom to expression. By forcing dress codes on us, you are inheritly violating our freedom. Students especially shouldn’t have to have dress codes since they should be learning to make informed decisions about the clothes they wear. Dress codes don’t build independent thinkers, and they encourage followers not leaders. Dress codes normalize the notion that woman’s bodies are distractions. By taking a female out of class for violating dress code rules, you’re basically telling her that hiding her body is more important than her education, that making sure males have a distraction-free class is the uppermost priority, and that males are more entitled to an education than she is. This defeats the purpose of school. Now that you’ve heard all that dress codes imply, do you want to live in a world with injustice and inequality ? Do you want to live in a world where dress codes still exist ?

  • Dress Codes in school

    I think that schools want to have dress codes. I don;t like to see that much stuff that should be covered. I don't mean to offend people but I don't like going to school to see many people's underwear or their clevage, or their stomachs. It should really be covered.

  • I agree partially.

    I think that schools should have a dress code, but some of the ones in place are a little to strict. For example, there is nothing wrong with an elementary school kid wearing a tank top to school, but not a mini skirt. There are just some obvious limits that need to be regulated, but a strict dress code is pushing it, Remember that the more you tell a kid they cant do something, the more they want to do it,

  • School is Place of Buisness, NOT a fashion show

    School is a place to learn. It is NOT a place to show off your newest crop top or shorty shorts. It is inappropriate. Now, I do agree with the fact that boys should try a little harder to not make girl's clothing a distracting. BUT, boys will be boys. If you want, feel free to wear whatever it is you want to wear outside of school. Show off to all the boys then. But when you enter the campus, the time to learn has started. Students need to stop being so stupid about it and actually focus on what's important. Showing skin is NOT what will get you far in life.

  • Schools should have dress codes.

    Schools should have dress codes. I think they should not be required to wear a uniform to school and that students should be able to dress the way that they want to. However, with that being said, I do think some students need to have some standards to go by. I think they should be taught to dress appropriately for school.

  • If they want

    If schools want dress codes schools should have them. Schools, not parents (parents interfere too much in schools today) have the right to implement what they believe to be the right policy to educate kids (without abuse, of course), and the fact that any argument can be made in favor of dress codes means some people might benefit from them.

  • Schools Already Have Dress Codes

    Virtually every public school in America has its own dress code, so there's no reason to think about this question. Dress codes are designed to ensure that students are presentable while in class and on the campus. Likewise, dress codes stop students from wearing obscene or offensive clothing during school hours.

  • Schools Should Have Dress Codes

    Yes, schools should have dress codes. Dress codes are valuable in that they promote sameness among students. This may sound negative, but this sameness eliminates the problems of gang members being easily identified and students being made fun of for looking different. Thus, dress codes are beneficial to the education process.

  • We kids need freedom

    We can wear what we want they can't force us to wear something we don't want to its like prison we have to go to school we do our homework that's eno ugh right why do we need a dress code we need freedom to wear what we want not what they want us to wear that's unfair.

  • Its just so unfair

    I mean, I'm a twelve year old student in the 21st century, so I know what I should wear. We are always told to be creative, but what is creative about clothes everyone else wears. Shouldn't we have the right to express ourselves through our clothing. Yeah it may cause bullying, but aren't people already being bullied. NO DIFFERENCE.

  • We shouldn't have to be ashamed of our bodies

    I don't think it is fair at all to have a dress code. Students should be able to wear legging and shorts. Believe it or not but when I went shopping I could only find two pairs of knee length shorts. If you said boys couldn't wear nike they would have nothing to wear. And banning leggings and shorts makes it harder for girls to find something to wear.

  • School isn't just learn learn learn.

    School is a time to develops you, and how you want to be perceived in society. Each kid can dress his own unique way to separates him/herself from another. We don't need a bunch of children in the same school assigned outfit. Obviously extreme things shouldn't be tolerated like coming to school in undergarments. But if someone has a shirt that offends you, get over it. You being offended shouldn't take the rights away from that student. Lastly kids will find anything to bully about if you think everyone wearing the same/similar types of outfit will stop bullying, you're not thinking deep enough.

  • Self esteem issues

    The students feel that when they get dress coded their bodies aren't good enough to be wearing it,. It can cause the curvy girls to even have eating disorders because the naturally really skinny girls who wear similar things don't get dress coded. The curvy girls feel that when they get dress coded that their bodies should look like the twig thin skinny girls

  • You are right we should not come to school with inapropriate clothes

    But also if parents spend most of their money and time on school clothes they wont have much to buy on things that there kids really need and some cant afford it. Most importantly why should parents pay for there kids to wear clothes that they work hard for and swet for.

  • Even students have rights

    The First amendment states "ALL individuals have the right to express themselves freely"! Dress codes are a bigger distraction then the clothing itself. If you're not okay with your child or yourself seeing others wearing what expresses themselves or what they are comfortable in and can afford then you should not be at a public school! You have every right to go to a privet school that enforces uniforms!

  • We have a life to.

    I got an idea. PUT YOURSELF IN THE STUDENTS SHOES!!! Sorry, but don't tell us to look how you want us to look. Maybe our mom or our dad could tell us what to wear. .Now do you think money should be drained for uniforms? I don't. If I buy clothes I should be able to wear them. Uniforms do not protect kids. I was bullied for my looks even with a dress code. Kids are cruel and will find a way to be cruel.

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