• Yes, I think they can

    Its always going to be a bust when it comes to this topic. Its hard to prove something that has happened so long ago. I think the only thing that is going to help is recreation of the topic. I know that sounds crazy,but even computer engineered programs would be nice. I doubt religious people would like it.

  • It'll take a while, but yes.

    I think that given enough time, science will undoubtedly uncover the origins of everything. But this will likely take another thousand years, at least, to happen. Hopefully in that same time frame, superstitious people who believe "god did it" will become a minority. We really do need more science in the world.

  • No, some evidence has been lost forever

    No, I believe that science will not be able to discover the origins of everything. "Everything" would include time before the Big Bang, which I believe is impossible to study. Furthermore, stars and planets have existed and died out throughout the universe, and are unable to study. While science can discover a lot, it can't look all the way into the past or throughout the entire universe.

  • No, it cannot uncover the origins of everything.

    There are simply some things that people cannot understand because they can not imagine them. Our minds are limited, they can do a lot of great things but they can not understand more than three dimensions. It is like trying to describe color to a person who has been blind their whole life.

  • No, science cannot uncover the origins of everything.

    I do not think that science can uncover the origins of everything. I think that while science is advancing at an amazing rate, it is still not going to always answer everything we want to know about the Universe. And as human beings, we should be okay with that because we don't always have to know everything.

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